Why is Grass Green? Fun Facts for Kids

Kids are always asking about why things are the way they are or how they got that way.  Little minds are always curious.


Here is a list of answers to some of those why questions:


Why is the grass green?

Grass is green because it has chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is the green pigment that absorbs sunlight during photosynthesis.

Why does water have no taste?

People experience taste because molecules in food interact with the taste receptors in our mouth. Cake tastes sweet because the sugar reacts with our taste receptors.  Water does not contain anything that triggers our taste receptors so it seems tasteless.

Why is water necessary for us to live?

We depend on water to carry nutrients and other important chemicals to our organs and cells. It also helps flush out our bodies waste.  Without water our cells wouldn’t get the necessary things to be healthy.

Why do lightening bugs glow in the dark at night?

Many bugs glow in the dark these bugs are called bioluminescent.  This means they have cells in their bodies containing luciferin . The luciferin combines with oxygen to form oxyluciferin causing light.

Why do spiders make webs?

Spiders make webs to get from place to place, set traps for their food and to make egg sacs to hold their eggs.  A spider’s web is make from a sticky type of silk that comes from their abdomen.

Why do some ants have wings?

Ants with wings are also called swarmers. They are ants that are old enough to reproduce.  Their job is to fly to distant places and set up  new ant colonies

Why do camels have humps?

A camel’s hump is filled with fatty tissue.  When there’s no food or water the animal can live off  the stored fat. In the desert where camel’s live there is not always enough water.  The camel then lives of their stored fat in their humps.

Why do birds fly south for the winter?

Some birds fly south for the winter it’s called migration. They does this not just for the warmer weather but in search of food an water. Before birds fly south for the winter they eat as much food as possible so they have energy for their trip.

Why can I float in the ocean?

We can float in ocean water because of the salt.  The salt makes the water denser so it is easier to float.

Why is the ocean water salty?

The ocean water gets it’s salt from the rocks on the land. When it rains the water dissolves minerals from rocks.  The chloride and sodium are minerals that are in the rocks and are also in salt.  Those minerals flow down the rivers and streams and into the ocean causing the ocean to be salty.

Why are their waves in the ocean?

The ocean gets it’s waves from the wind.

Why are some people allergic to certain foods?

Millions of people in this world have food allergies.  Why does this happen?  Food allergies occur when the body’s immune system mistakes something usually harmless with a substance that is harmful to  the body. The allergic reaction is the result of the body fighting off the substance.

Why is Mars known as the red planet?

Mars is known as the red planet due to it’s soil.  Mars’s soil is rich in iron oxides (rust). Iron oxides are chemical compounds made up of iron and oxygen combined they give of a red color.

Why can’t human breathe on Mars?

Humans would be unable to breathe on Mars because it’s mostly made up of carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is great for trees and plants however poisonous to humans.

Why does hair turn gray?

Each hair follicle contain melanin.  Melanin gives our hair color.  As people get older the pigment cells containing melanin die off and each causing the hair to no longer contain melanin.  Without the melanin our hair looses color causing it to look gray or white.

Why does poison ivy make my skin itch?

The leaves of poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac produce a colorless, substance called urushiol.  More than 60% of people are allergic to urushiol.  When those people touch the leaves of the poison oak, sumac or ivy plant their skin becomes irritated and turns red and itchy. So to be safe stay away if plants that have groups of three leaves growing together, it could make you itch!

Why do we have eyelashes?

Eyelashes curve up to keep water and sweat out of our eyes.  Eyelashes help keep dust, dirt and other particles from entering our eyes

Why do I get thirsty?

People get thirsty because they are losing more water than they are drinking.  You feel thirsty because the thirst receptors in your throat dry up which send a message to your brain telling you you need a drink. What is the best thing to drink when you are thirsty?……Water!