Why Do We Celebrate President’s Day- President’s Day Facts for Kids


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  • President’s Day dates back to 1800.  The year after the death of President George Washington.
  • George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 and died on December 14, 1799.  He was America’s first president.
  • George Washington birthday on February 22 became a day of remembrance to celebrate our nations first president.
  • Each year more and more people celebrated George Washington’s birthday and in 1885 it became a holiday.
  • In the late 1870’s Arkansas Senator Steven Wallace Dorsey proposed that the nation declare George Washington’s Birthday a federal holiday.
  • In 1879 President Rutherford B. Hayes signed a bill declaring February 22nd George Washington Day a federal holiday.
  • George Washington became the first American citizen with a federal holiday.
  • By 1885 the holiday expanded and the entire country was celebrating George Washington’s birthday.
  • In 1968 the congress passes a bill called the uniform Monday Holiday Bill.  The bill was passed to create me 3 day weekends for workers and moved some holidays to Mondays.
  • The bill combined George Washington’s birthday February 22nd with Abraham Lincoln’s birthday February 12th.
  • In 1971 George Washington’s Day was moved to the third Monday in the month of February.
  • Even though not official change of the name of the holiday was made most states now called the holiday President’s Day.
  • Presidents born in February are George Washington 2/22, Abraham Lincoln 2/12, Ronald Reagan 2/6 and William Henry Harrison 2/9.
  • President’s Day is a federal holiday however each state chooses how to celebrate it and what to call it.