Who’s the Leader Game

This is a fun game that requires some thinking and concentration.  This is a great game to play with a large group of kids.  This game is also great to play when you want to calm down a group of kids.

The object of the game is to guess who the leader is while watching the player’s movements.


Have all the players sit in a circle.  Choose one player to be it.  The player that is it must leave the room.

Choose a second player to be the leader.  The leader’s job is creative motions and have the other players follow along as quickly as possible.  Some motions include snapping fingers, slapping their hands on their knees, clapping hands.  The leader starts the motion while all the players are following the leader switches to another motion.  The other players must quickly catch on and follow the leader.

While the leader is doing the motions have the player that is it come back into the room.  They have to observe the circle and figure out who the leader is.  Give them around 2 minutes to figure it out.  If they guess correctly the leader is now it and have to leave the room.  If they guess wrong they remain it and have to leave the room again.