North Pole

Where is Santa’s Workshop? North Pole Facts for Kids

It’s the wonderful time of year when we celebrate Christmas. Soon, Santa Claus will be paying you a visit.

Do you want to learn more about the place Santa calls home? 

The North Pole is a real place. Did you know that the North Pole isn’t on land?   Keep reading to learn more about the North Pole and Santa’s workshop. 

Where is the North Pole?

The North Pole is located in the northernmost region of the northern hemisphere. It sits above the Arctic Circle. It’s the most northern place in the entire world! It is located in the middle of the mostly ice-covered Arctic Ocean. 

The North Pole isn’t a landmass; it is located on a glacier in the middle of the Arctic Ocean!

North Pole Facts for Kids

Want to hear a cool fact? When standing at the North Pole, you will be pointing South no matter what direction you point.

Another cool fact about the North Pole is that the sun does not set from about March 22nd to September 21st. During this time, an interesting thing happened called Midnight Sun. This is when the sun is visible 24 hours a day.

During the Winter, they experience Polar Night, when the sun doesn’t rise for 24 hours.

How Cold is it at the North Pole?

The North Pole is one of the coldest places on earth. The average temperature in the winter at the North Pole is -29 degrees. -29!  that is sooo cold! In the summer, on average, it is only 32 degrees Fahrenheit.  I don’t recommend wearing shorts at the North Pole!

Want to hear a cool fact about the North Pole?  There is no official time zone at the North Pole.  

What Animals Live at the North Pole?

Animals that live in cold climates live at the North Pole.  These animals include Polar bears, arctic foxes, ringed seals, and black-legged kittiwake (a type of bird).  But what about reindeer?  Do reindeer live at the North Pole?

The answer is no, but they live close to the North Pole.  The North Pole isn’t located on land.  It is located on an Arctic ice glacier in the middle of the North Pole.  But what about Santa’s Workshop?  Isn’t that in the North Pole?]

Where Exactly is Santa Claus’s Workshop in the North Pole? 

This is an interesting question.  Everyone knows that Santa’s workshop is located at the North Pole.  But you just learned that the North Pole isn’t located on land but on an Arctic ice glacier in the ocean.  Does Santa Claus live in the ocean? No, I don’t think so.

There are several theories as to the exact location of Santa Claus’s workshop. 

One theory suggests that Santa’sworkshop is located near the North Pole but not exactly on the North Pole.  Close enough to the North Pole that he just calls it the North Pole.  

Another theory suggests that Santa’s workshop and home are located on a glacier at the North Pole and that Santa’s magic keeps it hidden.  

Which theory do you believe?

Santa’s Magical Home at the North Pole

Santa’s workshop, village, and home are located at or around the North Pole.

So why did Santa Claus pick such a cold place to call his home?  Some believe he picked the North Pole because it represents the top of the world.

Although no one has ever been to Santa’s village and workshop unless you are Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, an elf, or an animal that lives there, it is believed to be full of magic.

It is said that his village is full of small cottages.  Some are red and white, like candy canes, and others are brown and look like gingerbread houses.  These cottages are where the elves live.

Santa’s home is believed to be a bigger cottage that is red, white, and gold and smells like Christmas cookies.

Santa’s workshop looks like a big red toy factory.  This is where most of the elves work.  Other elves work in small food stores or are teachers in the small elf school.  Yes, even young elves go to school.

The village streets are lined with Christmas lights instead of street lamps and are very clean.  There are no cars or motorcycles, only scooters and bicycles.

Santa’s reindeer live in the reindeer stables, where they spend their day eating and practicing flying.

How does Santa keep warm at the North Pole?

  We all know that Santa’s village is a magical place.  Some believe that a magical dome surrounds his village and keeps heat in.  It’s still cold but not as cold as the outside.  Santa’s red suit also keeps him very warm.

So, if you travel to the North Pole, will you see Santa’s village? Unfortunately, the answer is no.  Many explorers have tried to find it but have failed.  The village is there, but it is covered in a dome, which makes it invisible to the people outside.  Santa can see you, but we can’t find him.

Thank you for reading our North Pole facts for Kids.  Check our site for more magical Christmas fun!