What Should I leave Under the Pillow? Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas for Kids

Getting a visit from the tooth fairy is fun and exciting for a child.  Here are a few fun ideas for tooth fairy visits.

  1. Fairy Dust Money- This is something that is easy to do that your child will love.  Just buy some glitter hair spray or body sprays with glitter in it (sold at Bath and Body Works) and spray the money you are going to leave under the pillow with it. This can also be done with coins. Encourage your child to save all their fairy dust money.  As an extra project make with your child a tooth fairy money bank to save all tooth fairy money.
  2. Fairy Dust – Leave some Fairy Dust (glitter) near your child’s pillow or bed.
  3. Tooth Fairy Prints- Stick a Barbie Doll or a doll will small feet in glitter or flour.  Make small footprints near your child’s bed or on night stand. You can also stick doll hands in glitter or flour and make handprints on the wall next to your child’s bed.
  4. Fairy Trail – Leave a trail of glitter or fairy foot prints from your child’s bed to the window.  The footprints can be time consuming so if you have a light sleeper just leave a trail of glitter. Feel like doing a little extra?  Stick a tiny dolls hands in flour or glitter and leave handprints on the window.
  5. Fairy Shadow- Leave a shadow of the tooth fairy on the wall next to your child’s bed.  Google fairy images, print out a picture of a fairy, color it in black, cut it out and tape it to your child’s wall next to their bed.
  6. Tooth Receipt- Type or write up a receipt from the tooth fairy. The receipt can say the date the tooth fairy received the tooth, what time she came and the condition of the tooth.  You can add sorry no returns at the bottom.
  7. Don’t want to leave the tooth under your child’s pillow?  Put the tooth in a cup next to your child’s bed with a little bit of water.  When the tooth fairy comes she will take the tooth an leave a little bit of fairy dust (glitter)in the water.

Fun Things the Tooth Fairy May Leave

  1. Sliver Dollar or Half Dollar
  2. $2.00 Bill
  3. Typed note from the tooth fairy or a tooth receipt
  4. Fairy Dust Money (directions listed above)
  5. Money rolled up and wrapped with dental floss
  6. For a girl you can buy a fairy wand or wings
  7. A small jar with a lid (baby food jars work well) filled with fairy dust (glitter)
  8. A new toothbrush and toothpaste