What is a Noun? A List of Nouns for Kids



Noun- A word that identifies a person, place or thing

Proper Nouns A name used for an individual or place.  Proper nouns are spelled with capital letters


List of Nouns 


mom, dad, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, cousin, lady, woman, girl, boy, man, baby, teacher, lawyer, bus driver, dance teacher, coach, grandma, grandpa, doctor, dancer

Mrs. Jones, Janelle (proper nouns)


mall, school, building, hall, backyard, office, store, car wash, locker, street, town, state, country, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, dinning room, movie theater,  bus stop, supermarket, playground, field, train station, coliseum, stadium, ballpark

America, New York, England, Italy (proper nouns)


toys, book, crayon, pencil, dog, cat, cup, music, apple, stroller, bike, markers, bag, floor, car, train, truck, machine, money, cards, kitten, spider, oranges, pig, horse, mouse, pizza, eggs, wheel, door, window, table, basketball hoop, dresser, picture, frame, socks, t.v, handle, crib, bed, mattress, pillow, grass, slide, hula hoop, basket,