Candy Ball Bubble Wrap Party Game

Planning a party for kids, tweens, teens, or the family? Looking for a fun and exciting game for all to enjoy? Look no further. This candy ball bubble wrap party game is a crowd-pleaser. 

This interactive game is perfect for children of all ages, combining the thrill of anticipation with the sweetness of candies. Get ready to witness endless giggles and create cherished memories as kids unwrap layers upon layers of colorful surprises.

Candy Ball Ultimate Party Game

Ultimate Party Game

I’ve played it many times with groups of kids of various ages, and it’s always a big hit.  It’s also a great alternative to using a piñata.

The candy ball game is great for other occasions besides birthday parties. You can play this game at Halloween, Christmas, or other holiday parties.

It’s a wonderful addition to a sleepover or slumber party.

The candy ball game is fun for an afterschool program, end-of-the-year sports celebration, classroom celebration, or even summer camp!

Having a family function? Set up the candy ball game; it’s a great addition to Minute-to-Win-it games.

More than Candy

The ball is typically filled with candy; however, you can use any small items if you don’t want the kids on a sugar rush.  We used candy, nail polish, lip gloss, and nail stickers for my niece’s spa party

You can use hot wheels, bouncy balls, and other small figures for a boy’s party.

You can also make this an active game and fill it with little notes saying to do 10 jumping jacks or run around the circle.

Money is another great item to add to the candy ball game. It doesn’t have to be a lot. Add in coins or $1 and $5 dollar bills. When I add money to the candy ball, I place the bills into plastic snack bags; this way, the bills don’t rip as people rip the ball apart.


What’s great about the candy ball game is that it doesn’t require many materials.

items needed:

Candy (great way to use leftover Halloween candy) or small items, money, bubble wrap, cellophane, packing tape


  1.  Take a couple of pieces of candy and wrap them in a layer of bubble wrap.
  2. Use packing tape to secure.
  3. Place some more candy on the bubble wrap, and wrap the new candy in a layer of cellophane.
  4. repeat steps 1-3 until you have made a large ball
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I play in two ways depending on the age of the kids.

Traditional Way:

Materials: 2 dice:  Have the children sit in a circle.  Have one child hold the ball and give another child the dice.  The children with the dice have three chances to roll doubles while the other child tries to rip apart the ball.  If the child rolling the dice rolls doubles, the child ripping the ball must stop and pass it.  If the third roll of the dice throws no doubles, then the child must pass the ball.  They get to keep any candy or item that falls out on their turn.

Variation for Younger Children:

Instead of using dice, have the children count to 15 while one is tearing open the ball.  Once the children get to 15, the child must pass the ball.

You can also make up your own rules and play.

Have fun!

candy ball game for kids


The candy ball game is an excellent addition to any party. It brings joy, excitement, and a touch of deliciousness to any gathering.

It is a delightful way to engage guests of all ages, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition. Whether young or old, everyone can revel in the anticipation of unwrapping layers upon layers of candy, eager to discover their sweet rewards.

The candy ball game offers entertainment and encourages social interaction, laughter, and the creation of lasting memories.

So, the next time you host a party or get-together, consider adding the candy ball game to your list of festivities and watch as the room fills with laughter, delight, and a little bit of sugar-induced magic.