What do they call Santa Claus Around the World for Kids

In America we know that Santa Claus is the one who brings us presents on Christmas Day but have you ever wondered what they call Santa Claus in other countries around the world? Below is a list of countries around the world and what they call Santa Claus. When your finished reading check out our cute Santa Claus facts just for kids.

Albania                        Babadimri

Argentina                    Papa Noel

Armenia                      Gaghant Baba

Australia                      Santa Claus

Bahamas                      Santa Claus

Belgium                       Pere Noel

Bermuda                     Santa Claus

Brazil                           Papai Noel

Bulgaria                      Dyado Koleda

Chile                            Viejo Pascuero

China                           Dun Che Lao Ren

Denmark                     Julemanden

Egypt                            Papa Noel

England                       Father Christmas

France                         Pere Noel

Finland                        Joulupukki

Germany                     Weihnachtsmann

Greece                         Agios Vassilios

Hawaii                         Kanokaloka

Holland                       De Kerstmann

Hungary                      Mikulas

India                            Santa Claus, Baba

Iran                              Baba Noel

Iraq                              Vader kerfees

Ireland                         Santa, Santee or Daidi Na Nollaig

Italy                               Babbo Natale

Jamaica                        Santa Claus

Japan                             Hoteiosho (a god or priest who bears gifts)

Kenya                            Father Christmas/Santa Claus

Lithuania                      Kaledo Senelis

Morocco                       Black Peter

Netherlands                 Kerstman

New Zealand                Santa Claus

Norway                         Julenissens (Christmas Gnome)

Peru                                Papa Noel

Poland                            Swiety Mikolaj

Portugal                       Pai Natal

Romania                      Mos Craciun

Russia                          Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost)

Scandinavia                Julenisse

Serbia                          Deda Mroz

South Africa              Vader Kersfees

Spain                           Papa Noel/El Nino Jesus

Sweden                       Jultomten (Christmans Brownie)

Trinidad & Tobago     Santa Claus

Turkey                              Noel Baba

United Kingdom         Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle