What are Antonyms, Synonyms and Homonyms? Antonym, Synoyms and Homonyms Definition and Examples for Kids

Antonyms, Synonyms and Homonyms

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Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings.

Synonyms are words that have the same meaning or almost the same meaning.

Homonyms are words that sound the same or are spelled the same but have different meanings.


Common Antonyms

Add, Subtract
Agree, Disagree
Awake, Asleep
Bad, Good
Before, After
Best, Worse
Bottom, Top
Boy, Girl
Clean, Dirty
Closed, Open
Cold, Hot
Dangerous, Safe
Deep, Shallow
Dim, Bright
Down, Up
End, Start
Enter, Exit
Even, Odd
Fade, Brighten
False, True
Fat, Skinny
Give, Take
Good, Bad
Happy, Sad
Hard, Soft
Hero, Coward
High, Low
In, Out
Intelligent, Stupid
Justice, Injustice
Kind, Mean
Left, Right
Lie, Truth
Light, Dark
Long, Short
Many, Few
Messy, Neat
Minor, Major
More, Less
Never, Always
Noisy, Quiet
Old, New
Open, Close
Outer, Inner
Past, Present
Poor, Rich
Powerful, Weak
Quick, Slow
Quiet, Loud
Real, Fake
Right, Wrong
Rich, Poor
Stop, Go
Sunny, Cloudy
Take, Give
Tame, Wild
Thick, Thin
Top, Bottom
True, False
Up, Down
Upstairs, Downstairs
Victory, Defeat
Villain, Hero
White, Black
Win, Loose
Yes, No
Young, Old
Zip, Unzip

Common Synonyms

Above, Over
Afraid, Frightened
Amazing, Fabulous
Bad, Wicked
Beautiful, Pretty
Begin, Start
Brave, Courageous
Center, Middle
Chef, Cook
Cool, Chilly
Decide, Choose
Difficulty, Hard
End, Terminate
Exit, Leave
Fall, Drop
Father, Dad
Get, Obtain
Glitter, Sparkle
Happy, Glad
Help, Assist
Home, House
Hurry, Rush
Idea, Thought
Infant, Baby
Ill, Sick
Joy, Delight
Little, Small
Loyal, Faithful
Mad, Angry
Make, Create
Mom, Mother
Neat, Clean
New, Original
Nice, Pleasant
Present, Gift
Polite, Courteous
Quick, Fast
Right, Correct
Scared, Afraid
Show, Display
Story, Tale
Stop, Pause
Strange, Weird
Talk, Speak
Tired, Sleep
True, Real
Ugly, Gross
Under, Beneath
Woman, Lady
Wrong, Mistake
Yell, Shout
Vacant, Empty

Common Homonyms

Aisle, I’ll, Isle
Ate, Eight
Base, Bass
By, Bye, Buy
Cell, Sell
Cereal, Serial
Close, Clothes
Chilly, Chile, Chili
Deer, Dear
Eye, I
Flour, Flower
For, Four, Fore
Grease, Greece
Hail, Hale
Hair, Hare
Hay, Hey,
Hail, Hale
Heard, Herd
Hole, Whole
Knead, Need
Knight, Night
Male, Mail
Meet, Meat
No, Know
Or, Ore
Plain, Plane
Poor, Pour
Rain, Rein
Right, Write
Rose, Rows
Sail, Sale
Tail, Tale
Their, There, They’re
To, Two, Too
Toe, Tow
Wail, Whale
Weather, Whether
Weight, Wait
Which, Witch
Who’s, Whose