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Easy to Read Veterans Day Facts for Kids

During the Fall season, on November 11th we celebrate Veterans Day. Veteran’s Day is a U.S holiday where we celebrate all the men and women who have served in our military. It is because of the all the brave soldiers that we can be free. To learn more about this important holiday, check out these easy to read Veteran’s Day facts for kids.  

Why do we celebrate Veterans Day?

On Veterans Day, we celebrate all the men and women who served in the United States Military.  The branches of the military include Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, and the Marine Corps.

Sometimes people get Veterans Day and Memorial Day confused.  Veteran’s Day is different from Memorial Day.  Memorial Day honors those men and women who have died while serving in the United States military, while Veteran’s Day celebrates all those who served.

When is Veterans Day?

Every year Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th.  Why is November 11th? On November 11th, 1918 an armistice was signed marking the end of World War 1. An Armistice is an agreement between the two sides fighting in a war to stop fighting.

In 1919 President Woodrow Wilson declared November 11th Armistice Day.  The day was a day to honor those who fought during World War 1.

In 1938 Armistice Day became a national holiday in the United States.

Years later congress wanted to change Armistice Day. They wanted to honor all veterans that served in all wars including World War 1, World War 2, and the Korean War. IN 1954 President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed legislation changing Armistice Day to Veteran’s Day. Now we honor veterans who served in all U.S wars.

Who Celebrates Veterans Day?

Veteran’s Day is an American holiday, celebrated in 49 out of 50 states. Wisconsin is the only state that doesn’t recognize Veteran’s Day as a holiday.

How is Veterans Day Celebrated?

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We celebrate Veteran’s Day with parades, church services, and other events. Many American flags are flown at half-mast, and across the nation there are moments of silence held at 11AM. Check your local newspaper for Veteran’s Day events in your town. 

On March 4th, 1921 the body of an unidentified American soldier from World War 1 was approved by congress to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C.  The soldier was buried on November 11th, 1921. On the back of the tomb it reads:

Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God”

Every Veterans Day a wreath-laying ceremony is held at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The United States President or high-ranking military office lays the wreath on the grave.

Government offices, schools, banks, and some businesses are closed on Veterans Day. If November 11th falls on a weekend, then the holiday is observed on Monday.

It is important to remember the people who have served in the military every day, not just on Veterans Day. If you have a friend, or family member that has served in the military give them a call and tell them thank you for your bravery. If you see a solider walking around town ask you parents if it is OK to tell them thank you. Remember it is because of the brave that we live in the land of the free!