Valentine's Day games and activities for kids

Valentine’s Day Games and Activities

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  We have been working on the best games and activities at Kids Play and Create this Valentine’s Day. These Valentine’s games and activities are perfect for the classroom or at home.

Valentine's Day Games and Activities for kids

Kids of all ages will love these fun Valentine’s games and activities. Check out the fun activities below!

Fun Valentine’s Day Games

Fun and easy Valentine’s games are perfect for the classroom or at home. These games are great for children of all ages.

Pin the Heart on the Cupid

Pin the Heart on the Cupid

Materials: paper hearts, marker, tape, the big picture of Cupid, blindfold

How to Play:

This game is the same as pin the tail on the donkey.

The object is to get your heart closest to Cupid’s heart.

Step 1: Tape the Cupid on the wall.  Using a marker, put a dot where Cupid’s heart is.

Step 2: Give each player a paper heart.  Write their names on the heart.

Step 3: Place a piece of tape on the back so the heart will stick to the cupid.

Step 4: Have all the children stand in a line one behind the other.

Step 5: Place the blindfold on the first child and spin them three times.

Step 6: Let them place their heart on the Cupid.  The child with the heart closest to where Cupid’s heart would win.

Jar of kisses

How Many Kisses?

Materials: Jar, Hershey’s chocolate kisses

Object: To guess how many chocolate kisses are in the jar.

Step 1: Fill the jar with Hershey’s chocolate kisses. Write down the amount that is in the jar.

Step 2: Ask each child how many they think are in the jar.

Step 3: The closest child wins and gets the candy jar.

Valentine's Day Candy Hunt

Candy Heart Hunt

This game is like an Easter Egg Hunt

Materials: candy heart boxes, candy, other Valentine’s Day-themed items (stuffed animals, stickers, tattoos, etc…), small plastic bags, and individually wrapped candy.

Step 1: Fill the small plastic bags with wrapped candy and Valentine’s Day-themed items.  2-3 things per bag.

Step 2: Hide the small plastic bags and candy heart boxes around the room, house, classroom or if warm enough outside.

Step 3: Have children hunt for candy.

Candy Toss

Materials:1 bucket or bowl per team, individually wrapped candies, 3 per child.

Object: To get candy in a bucket/bowl

Step 1: Divide the children into even teams.  Line the children up one behind the other. Put the bucket/bowl on the opposite side of the room from the team.

Step 2: Hand out three candies per child.

Step 3: On GO, have the first children from each team tries to throw their candy into the bucket/bowl.  When they have successfully got all their candy in the bucket/bowl, they must go to the end of the line and sit down.  If they miss, they must pick up their candy and try again.

Step 4: The first team with all their players sitting wins.

Candy Relay

Materials: 1 pair of mittens (without finger separation) per team, individually wrapped candies

Step 1: Dive the children into teams.  Line one child behind the other.

Step 2: Give the first player of each team a pair of mittens to put on and a piece of wrapped candy.

Step 3: On GO, have the children unwrap and eat the candy with the mittens on.  When they finish, they sit down at the back of the line.

Step 4: With all their players sitting down, the first team wins.

Conversation Heart Games

Conversation Heart Stacker

Materials:  1 box of Conversation Hearts per child, a timer

Step 1: Give each player a box of conversation hearts.

Step 2: On Go, the children must see how many conversation hearts they can stack on top of each other in 40 seconds.  The child with the most conversation hearts stacked wins.

Steal My Heart

Materials: Conversation Hearts, Chop Sticks (1 pair per player), bowls (1 bowl per table)

Step 1: Pour the Conversation hearts into the bowls. Put the bowls in the middle of each table.

Step 2: Have a couple of children sit at each table.  Give each child a pair of chopsticks.

Step 3: On GO, have the children collect the conversation hearts from the bowls using chopsticks.  The child with the most conversation hearts wins.

Conversation Heart Memory

Materials: Conversation Hearts

Set up: Empty out the boxes of conversation hearts and put them into pairs by saying and coloring.  example: place all the pink love you’s together.  When you have enough pairs, you are ready to play.

Step 1: Scramble the pairs of conversation hearts on the table, then put them in rows.

Step 2: Each child gets a turn trying to find the pairs.  If they find a pair, they get to go again.  Same rules as regular memory.  The child with the most pairs at the end wins.

Lace Licorice Chew

Materials: Lace Licorice

Step 1: Give each child an equal amount of lace licorice.

Step 2: Have all the children stand in a line.

Step 3: Each child must put the end of the lace licorice in their mouth and their hands behind their backs. No hands allowed.

Step 4: On GO, the children must try to eat the lace licorice without using their hands.  The first child finished wins.

Valentine's Day Cupcake Games

Musical Cupcakes

Materials: One cupcake per child, paper, scissors, tape, makers, bag, music

Set up: Cut large hearts out of the paper, one heart per child.  Write a number on each heart and tape them to the floor 2 feet apart in a circle.  Write each number again on small pieces of paper and put them in the bag.  Now you’re ready to play.

Step 1: Have each child stand on a paper heart on the floor.

Step 2: Play the music and have the child step from one heart to the next.

Step 3: Pick a number out of the bag when the music stops.

Step 4: The child standing on the number called gets a cupcake. Keep playing until all the children receive a cupcake.

Who Do You Love?

Materials: Chairs (1 less than the number of kids)

Set up: Place all the chairs in a circle with the seat facing inward.

Step 1: Choose one child to be it.  The child it stands in the center of the circle.

Step 2: Have all the other children sit in the chairs (no chairs should be empty)

Step 3: The child who is it goes up to one of the children sitting in the chair and asks who you love? That child responds with an answer such as I love everyone with a sister.  Then every child with a sister must get up and find a new seat.  The child who is it must also try to sit down.  The child who is left without a seat is now it. Keep playing as long as you want.  There are no winners in this game.

Sample responses: I love everyone wearing blue, I love everyone with a pet fish, I love everyone with green eyes, etc…

St. Valentine Says

You would play this game the same as Simon says.  Instead of saying Simon Says, you would say St. Valentine Says.

Valentine's Day Classroom Activities

Valentine’s Day Classroom Activities

Check out these fun classroom Valentines for children of all ages

Materials: A large piece of paper, tape, construction paper, crayons, pencil.

Set up: Tape the large piece of paper on the wall where the children can reach it.

Step 1: Explain to the children that they will write a Valentine’s Day story.  On the top of the paper, write Once Upon A Time.

Step 2: Hand the pencil to one of the children and have them write a sentence or two on what comes next in the story.

Step 3: Have each child continue to write sentences until everyone has had a turn and their story is complete.

Step 4:Give each child a piece of construction paper and draw a picture to follow the story.  Hang the pictures on the wall around the story.

Candy Bracelet

This can also be done as a necklace.

Materials: Lace Licorice, candies with holes in the middle such as gummy lifesavers, fruit loops

Step 1: Give each child a piece of lace licorice long enough for them to tie around their wrists.

Step 2: Give each child candy and fruit loops to put on the lace licorice. When the child is finished, tie them around the wrist.

Valentine’s Day Word Find

Materials: paper, pencils

Step 1: Write Valentine’s Day at the top of each paper.

Step 2: Have children see how many smaller words they can make using the letters in words Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Coupons

Materials: construction paper, markers, scissors

Step 1: Cut construction paper into rectangular shapes.

Step 2: Have children write a task on the coupon, such as I will do the dishes, mop the floor, clean my room, make dinner, etc… and give coupons to their parents or loved ones.

*You can also try any of the Spa Activity Recipes.  Easy-to-make sugar scrubs and body washes are fun and great Valentine’s Day gifts from kids.

Snack Ideas

What’s a classroom Valentine’s activity without having snacks,

Pre-make or purchase store-made sugar cookies in Valentine’s Day Shapes.  Have the children decorate the cookies with icing and sprinkles.

Pre-make or purchase Valentine’s Day cupcakes and have the children decorate them with icing and sprinkles.

Melt chocolate, have the children dip strawberries in them, and cover them with sprinkles.  This can also be done with caramel; instead of strawberries, use bananas or jumbo marshmallows.