Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft for Kids Easy Valentine’s Day Keepsake Craft

This Valentine Handprint Keepsake Craft is super easy to make. This craft is great for pre-school and elementary school aged children.  They are great gifts from kids to moms and loved ones.  It doesn’t take a long time to make which is great for school and day care classrooms.  I purchased the materials at Michael’s craft stores.  The foam heats I purchased were peel and stick which is great for small children.  Follow the steps below to make your own handprint craft.


valentine handprint

Materials: 1 rectangle craft foam per child, foam  hearts (available at Walmart, Michael’s and other craft stores), glue, ribbon,scissor, washable finger paint, paper plate

Step 1: cut ribbon about 8 inches long and glue to the back of the rectangle craft foam.

Step 2: Pour a small amount of washable finger paint on a paper plate. Have child put one hand in the paint and mush it around.
Step 3: Place child’s hand in the center of the rectangle craft foam and press down to make the handprint.
Step 4: Have child glue foam hearts around the rectangle foam.


valentine handprint