Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday, it’s a great day to make your child extra special. Instead of grabbing them a box of chocolate while your on-line a the store, try one of these ideas below.


  1.  A mason jar full of Hershey’s chocolate kisses.  You can write on the top of the jar with a sharpie something like Jar of Mommy’s Kisses, Open when you need a kiss from mommy.
  2. I love you because…Jar-Get a mason jar and write on the top I love you because.  Cut out small hearts from construction paper.  Write on the heart a reason you love your child.  Fill the jar with your hearts.
  3. Bubble Bath with bath crayons and a towel, robe and slippers.  Little kids love taking bubble baths and when you add some bath crayon’s they get super excited.  You can go the extra step and get colored bath tablets.  Get a cute gift bag and your all set.
  4. Make a coupon book to give to your child.  This is great for ages 5-9.  Some of your coupons can say mom/dad cleans my room, mom/dad makes my favorite dinner, stay up 1 hour past my bedtime, no chore day, trip to the movies. trip to get ice cream, play a game with mom/dad, read a book with mom/dad etc…
  5. New outfit.  Give them something special to wear to school.
  6. Valentine’s Day book, read the book together.
  7. Make a special Valentine’s Day breakfast.  Make pancakes and add a little red food coloring.  Make heart-shaped pancakes by placing a metal heart-shaped cookie cutter on the skillet.  Pour the batter into the cookie cutter.
  8. Give your special little girl a bouquet of flowers.  Ask the florist to add a little glitter to the bouquet.
  9. Give your special little girl a heart-shaped necklace.
  10. Valentine’s Day socks
  11. Make a special dinner for your child.  Get Valentine’s Day themed plates and napkins from the party store, you can also get fake rose petals for the table.  Get dressed up and have dinner together.
  12. Have tea party with your little girl.
  13. Schedule to have a family photo taken.  Target and JcPenny always have good photo details, also check groupon.