Top Rated Sites to Buy Cute and Trendy Clothes for Little Girls 2022

Are you looking for cute and trendy clothes for little girls? Do you want cute and stylish clothes without spending a fortune?   Well, look no further. We have the absolute best sites for cute and trendy clothes for little girls. These sites are our top picks for cute and trendy clothes and accessories for your special little girl without breaking the bank.

Cute and trendy clothes for girls

I am a mother of a 6-year-old little girl, and yes, I love dressing her up in the cutest styles. From cute dresses to trendy outfits, and let’s not forget the knee highs and bows. We at Kids Play and Create made a list of our top picks for sites to buy cute and trendy clothes for little girls. Sites in this article are geared toward children ages 12mts-10 years.

My top three sites for online shopping for kids are Sparkle in Pink, Mia Belle girls, and Shein. In my opinion, they are the best of the best. All three have the cutest, trendiest, and most stylish children’s clothing. They offer great prices and excellent customer service. All three provide an exceptional online shopping experience.  

I remember looking through many social media posts and seeing all these cute outfits for little girls. I would ask myself, where can I buy cute and trendy clothes for my little girl?

Then I would click on the link, bringing me to a random site. Then the questions would begin. I would ask myself, is this site safe? What is the quality of the clothes? Will they look like the picture? How long will the shipping take? Do I go for it and make the purchase?

After buying from several sites, I had some good experiences but also some terrible experiences. Online shopping sites have become a guessing game, and who has time for that?

I wrote this article to help other moms take the guessing out of online shopping. I have been shopping at the sites in this article for years. In my option, they have the best styles, prices, and user experience than any other site I have shopped at.


Best Cute Clothing

Sparkle in Pink

I cannot say enough good things about Sparkle in Pink. They are my favorite boutique-style clothing for little girls. Sparkle in Pink has a variety of adorable, cute boutique outfits. They also offer cute bows and accessories. They make our list of cute and trendy clothes for little girls.

Cute and trendy clothes for girls
Sparkle in Pink

About Sparkle in Pink

Quynn Larsen founded Sparkle in Pink in 2011. Quynn was a young mom who would search high and low for the cutest outfits and accessories for her daughter. Since she could not find exactly what she was looking for, she decided to make her own. She found manufacturers and opened up her store to mass-produce her designs. Her mission was to “offer moms the trendiest boutique products at wholesale pricing.”

Cute and Trendy Outfits 

I have purchased clothing and accessories from Sparkle in Pink since my daughter was 2. They have such cute styles. I know I can get the outfit, bow, knee highs, and jewelry at the same place.

I love the back-to-school outfits with sayings such as “I bring Sass to the Class” and “Kindergarten Squad” They also have cute outfits for every holiday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Fourth of July. They even have outfits for every season Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Christian-themed clothing.

Cute and trendy clothes for girls
Dress from Sparkle in Pink

Sparkle in Pink also offers matching mommy and me styles. I have purchased some mommy and me shirts from there. In the US, I wear a size medium. I did size up to a large, and it fit perfectly.

Get to Sparkle in Pink Here

Best Special Occasion Dresses

Mia Belle Girls

Mia Belle Girls is my favorite site for fancy affordable dresses and adorable, trendy boutique outfits. I am happy to put Mia Belle Girls on our list of cute and trendy clothes for little girls. 

About Mia Belle Girls 

Mia Belle Girls was founded by Lina Viner and launched in 2007. She founded Mia Belle Girls because “I wanted moms to have access to unique high quality and reasonably priced clothing for girls.”

Liner Viner grew up in Ukraine. While living there, she would take scraps of fabric to make doll clothes. Viner dreamed of having beautiful outfits, but that wasn’t a reality in Ukraine. Her family moved to the US but still, she could not afford to buy the type of clothes she wanted to wear. She went to college for business and set up to be an entrepreneur. 

When she had her own daughter she wanted to dress her up in beautiful clothing but clothing at stores only had overpriced, impractical clothing. Lina felt guilty spending a lot of money on something her child would outgrow. 

She decided to start her own company and bring adorable and affordable clothing to everyone.

Her family takes an active role in her business and her daughters Mia and Liv are the “sassy muses” behind the clothing brand.

Stylish, Adorable Outfits 

They also have cute boutique outfits.   Some of the outfits are similar to those on Sparkle in Pink and some are a little more trendy or “grown-up” looking. Their prices are slightly higher than Sparkle in Pink, however, they have more of a variety of clothing.   On the other hand, their Holiday, Pageant, photoshoot, Flower Girl dresses are unique and amazingly affordable. 

Cute and trendy clothes for girls
Dress from Mia Belle Girls

When I need a holiday dress or something unique and beautiful for a photoshoot, I am shopping at Mia Belle Girls. Their dresses are the best and are of excellent quality. My daughter wore the fancy green Christmas dress this year and received so many compliments. People were asking me where I purchased it and assumed it was a fortune, little did they know it costs only $39.99.

   All of her special occasions and holiday outfits come from Mia Belle Girls. I can’t find anything better for the price. 

At Mia Belle Girls the sizes run true to size. My daughter loves the cute outfits they sell. She always wants to check out the site and look at all the fancy outfits. We look at Mia Belle Girls first when we need an outfit for a special occasion. It is so hard to narrow down which one to buy. Sometimes we end up buying two! 

Mia Belle Girls also offers women’s clothing. I have not purchased anything from the women’s clothing line so cannot comment on the quality.

Sometimes shipping can take a week or two and other times it can take up to 6 weeks. When purchasing the clothing make sure you give yourself at least six weeks just in case. It may be a little long of a wait but it will definitely be worth it. The outfits are so cute.

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Best On-Trend, Stylish Clothing/ Best Prices 

Shein Kids

I shop at Shein weekly, usually for myself, but they have very stylish, trendy children’s clothing. Every time I log onto the app, I find something new that I didn’t know they sold. I just found out this week that they have adorable crossbody bags for kids and hair bows! Shein offers many different styles. They have everything. They have more trendy, stylish clothing rather than the cutesy stuff. Shein is an excellent company. They have everything from clothing and accessories or bedroom curtains and cute rugs.   They make our list of sites to buy cute and trendy clothes for little girls. 

Cute and trendy clothes for girls
Jacket and Skirt from Shein

About Shein

Shein prides itself on offering on-trend styles for kids, teens, and women. They believe “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion.” Shein is a huge company that ships to over 220 counties and regions all over the world. Shein is a great place to find cute and trendy clothes for little girls!

Trendy clothes for girls
Top and Skirt from Shein

Trendy, Stylish Clothing

Their items ship from China, but incredibly fast, It usually takes one week or two at the most. I recommend downloading the Shein app. You can keep track of your purchases and track orders. Shein also offers a lot of coupons including free shipping. Once you open the app, the coupons will appear, and you can just hit the add button to add them to your order. 

Trendy clothes for girls

 Shein offers a reward program. You get points for purchases, delivery confirmation, and reviews. Before purchasing items I always read the reviews. There are usually hundreds of them. Check Shein daily, new items are added all the time.

Every time I check their website I find something new, that is why I buy from them so frequently. Shein has incredible prices. Most outfits are under $20.00. 

The quality is excellent, and the outfits run true to size. As I mentioned, I buy a lot of my clothing on Shein. I mean bathing suits run around $13-$18. I will never purchase one anywhere else ever again. You can always find something cute on Shein.  

Shein Kids Face Masks

  • Shein has great masks for both kids and adults. I purchased a bunch for my daughter. They had a lot of cute patterns. She got one with unicorns and rainbows another one with little bears and watermelon and another with strawberries. They were $1.50 each and of excellent quality. I also ordered masks on the site. I ordered a pink and white lace face mask and a cheetah mask. Again, you couldn’t beat the price at around $2.00 each.

Get to Shein here

Overall you will defiantly find something cute for your little girl on Sparkle in Pink, Mia Belle Girls, or Shein. Whether you need that adorable first day of school outfit, something for vacation, that perfect dress for a special occasion or holiday, or just an everyday outfit. I guarantee that you will find something you love within your budget.

I recommend looking at the outfits on these sites with your little girl. It can be a fun “mommy and me” shopping experience. When your little girl is involved in picking out the clothes, she will feel happier and more excited to get dressed in the morning.

I always shop at these sites and have an excellent user experience. I hope that you find something special for your little girl and make fabulous memories. Don’t forget, if you want to find cute and trendy outfits for little girls, check out Shein, Sparkle in Pink, or Mia Belle Girls.