Top Rated Gifts for Tween Girls and Tween Boys 2016

Best gifts for Tween Girls and Boys


To say picking out a gift for that tween (ages 10-12) year old in your life was hard, is an understatement.  In my opinion this is the hardest ages to shop for.  There are not little kids anymore, but they are not grown either.  This makes it very difficult to pick out a gift, especially if you don’t know that they like.  Lucky for you the team at kidsplayandcreate created a list of the best gifts for tween girls and boys.  The best part is since our team works with kids of all ages this list was created by kids in that age group.  We can’t make it easier than that.  Check our out top picks for the best tween gifts.



At the top of the girls list is anything by Pink by Victoria’s Secret.  The girls love Pink.  I know this hands on because my 12 year-old niece is obsessed.  There are a variety of Pink body sprays, hoodies, blankets, high socks, lip glosses, hair products, water bottles, t-shirts and pajamas to choose from.  These are cute not inappropriate for the age.

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Mermaid Tail Blanket

This is a hot item for this holiday season and on the top of many tween girls list.  Heck, I think I want one too!  Who wouldn’t like to get all cozy on the couch in this cute blanket.

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Cute Bath Products

This is the time when girls are transitioning from cute little girl to oh no, she is starting to like boys.  Tween girls love to get all kinds of cute bath products to use while taking a bath or shower. Body washes and bubble baths make great gifts.  Try getting Pink by Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body works.  I recommend getting light fruity flavors.

Cute bath bombs Girls love these fizzing bath bombs.

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Nail Polish Sets

You really can’t go wrong with getting a cute nail polish or nail art set.  Girls love doing nails and it’s a fun thing they can do with siblings and friends.

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Spa Set

Girls love doing facials and are that age when they are getting into taking care of their skin.  Mud masks, pore cleaner, facial brushes are all great gifts for tweens and teens. Foot spas are also popular.

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Places like Forever 21 and Claire’s are great places to pick up some cute necklaces. bracelets for tweens.  Look for things with emoji’s on them, open cuff bracelets, pendant necklaces and chokers are really popular.

Hair Accessories

Every girl has to do her hair right?  A couple of hair accessories makes great gifts and stocking stuffers.  Jeweled and wide band head wraps are very popular.  Also popular are colorful metal bobby pins, bow and cute hair ties.

Craft Sets

Craft set are also great gifts for tweens.  They have painting, design your own mirror, spa sets and more.  Many craft sets are available on Amazon, Toys R Us, Michael’s and A.C Moore.



Legos are still a hot item among tween boys.  They just love building with these tiny blocks.  There are so many different types of sets out there.  Lego Mine Craft, Star Wars, Lego City and Ninjago are the more popular themes.

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Drones are everywhere and the kids love them.    They will spend hours trying to fly, land and make them do tricks.  Drones are actually really cool. This is one toy that parents will find it hard to resist playing too. I found some really cool drones on Amazon.

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Snapbacks are hats.  If you know what team your tween likes you really can’t go wrong with getting a snapback.  Most boys love wearing them daily and usually them like having them in every color so they match their outfits.

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Joggers are a tapered sweat pant.  They are one of the hottest tends in men’s fashion.  Remember fitted is in, so don’t buy them baggy.

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Nerf Guns

Nerf guns are one of those classic toys made by Hasbro that stays popular.  Nerf guns are toy guns that shoot foam disks, darts or balls. They come in all sizes from really small to huge.  They are also very brightly colored so they will not be mistaken for a real gun.

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Boys are always in hoodies which makes it a popular gift.  Polo, American Eagle or Nike are very popular.  Again, remember that fitted is in.  Don’t buy an oversized hoodie.

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We live in a high-tech world and what is more high-tech then owing our own robot.  There are many DIY robot kits available.

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Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball

Sports balls are always popular among tweens and teens.  If you know what kind of sport they like get them a ball.