Top Rated Biracial, Multicultural Dolls for Girls

I am a mother of an adorable biracial little girl who loves to play with dolls.  I have purchased both African-American and Caucasian dolls for her to play with but was able to find one that looks quite like her. 

Like every other little girl, she wanted a doll that looked like her.  This was when I started my journey to find a biracial, copper color and curly-haired doll.  Since mixed-race children are so beautiful and unique, finding a similar one can be hard.  After looking at many dolls, I did find some that could pass as biracial or multicultural Here is kidsplayandcreate’s list of the best biracial dolls on the market.

The best biracial/multicultural baby dolls

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Doll

Soft and cuddly Baby Stella Multicultural doll

The Baby Stell doll by Manhattan Toy is our pick for young children. She is soft, hugable, and just waiting to be cuddled. She is perfect for toddlers.

Baby Stella dolls come in a variety of skin tones and hairstyles. They even have a boy doll.

Baby Stella has brown hair styled in pigtails, a blue and white striped dress, and a removable diaper. She has a magnetic pacifier that sticks to her mouth.

She is a 15-inch doll and can wear clothes that fit other 15-inch dolls.

Baby Stella is made well and washable. Toddlers will love her plump belly and featured belly button.

Manhattan Toy is a trusted company that has been making great quality toys since 1978.

Key Features

  • Soft and cuddly
  • Our pick for toddlers is a great first doll.
  • Comes in a variety of skin tones and hair colors.
  • She comes styled in a blue and white striped dress, removable pacifier, and magnetic pacifier.
  • Washable

Sweet Puffy Bee Multicultural Baby Doll By Orijin Bees

multicultural baby doll with curly puffy hair and white and blue tutu dress featuring a bumble bee.

Orijin makes adorable multicultural dolls. These dolls were created to instill self-love and develop confidence.

These dolls have been featured in Good Housekeeping, Essence, and Forbes, to name a few. There are also on Oprah’s 2021 list of favorite things and won the Mom’s Choice Award honoring excellence.

Sweet Puffy Bee is adorable, from her curly hair to the two dimples on the sides of her cheeks.

She comes dressed in a tutu dress, a white top featuring a bumble bee, and a blue tutu-styled bottom.

Sweet Puffy Bee is 12 inches tall and can fit clothes from our dolls of similar size.

She is made using eco-friendly vinyl that feels soft and smooth.

This doll is easy to clean. Just wipe her with a damp cloth. Don’t worry if her hair gets wet; it will return to its original form once dry.

Sweet Puffy Bee is recommended for children ages three and up.

Key Features

  • Multicultural dolls designed to promote self-love and confidence in children
  • 12-inch doll
  • Easy to clean, eco-friendly vinyl body
  • If hair gets wet, it will curl back to its original form
  • Sweet Puffy Bee comes dressed in a white and blue tutu dress; clothes are interchangeable

Orijin Bees Baby Bee Doll Sunnie

Sunnie Fro baby doll.  Multicultural biracial doll.  Comes dressed in a blue and white tutu dress with curly hair

Another great doll Orijin.  The Sunnie Fro Baby Bee doll is super cute. She has light curly hair, bright eyes, and a dimple on each cheek.

Your child will love to cuddle and play with their Sunnie Fro baby doll. She will become your child’s favorite doll.

This 12-inch doll comes dressed in a tutu dress that is white on top and features a bee and blue tutu bottom.

Sunnie Fro has a large blue, yellow, and orange bow on the side of her puffy hair.

She has amazing natural, looking 3c 4c curly hair that, if wet, returns back to its original state.

Key Features

12-inch doll

Designed to promote self-love, inclusion, and self-confidence.

Easy to clean vinyl body; wipe with a damp cloth

If her hair gets wet, it will return it its original state.

Nontoxic and eco friendly

Comes dressed in an adorable white and blue tutu dress featuring a bumble bee

Adora Amazing Dolls Sam

Adora Amazing Girl Sam doll.  red headed doll with blue jacket, silver fanny pack and a trendy outfit.  Multicultural doll

The Adora Amazing Girl Sam made our list because my daughter, like many other biracial children, has red hair.  It’s been difficult finding a doll with copper hair.  Although I would have loved it if this doll had curly hair, she’s still adorable.

We love Adora Amazing dolls because they come in various styles, skin tones, and hair types.

The Sam doll is 18 inches and fits clothes from other 18-inch doll brands.

She comes dressed in a trendy outfit with a gray top, lightning bolt print leggings, cute sneakers, a jacket, and a silver fanny pack.

She is a great quality doll and a good alternative to an American Girl doll.  Her eyes open and shut, and her arms, legs, and head move.

She is BPA-free, safety-tested and hypoallergenic.

Your child will spend hours playing with their Adora Amazing Girl Same doll.

Key Features

  • Sam has copper-red hair
  • Her eyes open and close, and her head, legs, and arms move
  • California-based company.
  • 18-inch doll
  • Comes dressed in a cute and trendy outfit
  • Hypoallergic, BPA Free

Journey Girls Kyla Doll

Journey's doll Kyla doll.  Dressed in a black top, jeans and a stylish red pocketbook. Multicultural, biracial doll

Journey dolls are known for being quality dolls. Like the Adora dolls, they come in various skin tones, hair types, and styles.

The Kyla doll is 18 inches tall and is dressed in a black Tokyo graphic Shirt, jeans with patches, and a stylish red pocketbook.  She has long brown wavy hair and tan skin.

Your child will love playing with their Kyla doll.

Her arms, legs, and head move.

She can fit clothing from other 18-inch dolls

Journey dolls are another great alternative to American Girl dolls. 

You can purchase additional accessories and playsets for your Kyla doll on Amazon.

Key Features

  • Long brown wavy hair, tan skin
  • Head, arms, and legs move
  • 18-inch doll
  • Dressed in a trendy outfit and comes with a stylish pocketbook
  • Additional accessories can be purchased.

Why buy my child a biracial baby doll/multicultural baby doll?

Selfe esteem. It can build their self-esteem and help them see themselves with a positive self-image. Children connect with their dolls.  It can be upsetting when a child has a bunch of dolls, and none of them even looks a little like them.  

They might think they are too different, don’t belong, or are not pretty.  Biracial/multicultural children are so unique and beautiful, and it’s important that they feel that way.  

None of these dolls may look quite like your child, but hopefully, you see one that may resemble them a little.  Maybe you see one that has the same type of hair, eyes, or even skin tone.

What is a good price for a biracial/multicultural doll?

Dolls can be expensive, but you can also get great deals on Amazon and other sites.  The dolls listed on this site run from $15-$50.  Once you find that doll that fits your needs, search for the best deal.

Where can I buy a biracial doll, a multicultural doll?

Unfortunately, that aren’t many stores that carry biracial dolls. I can say that toy manufacturers notice that not everyone is the standard blonde-haired blue-eyed Barbie doll and are coming out with more dolls of different ethnicities.

All of the dolls listed on this site are available on Amazon.  After researching, I found that some are available on eBay and specialty sites like Etsy.

I hope that this list of dolls helped you on your journey to find that special biracial/multicultural doll.  

Remember, you may not find an exact match for your special little girl, but maybe one with some of the same features.

Hopefully, as time passes, toy makers will recognize that so many children come from different ethnicities and cultures and start making more dolls to represent that growing population.