Top Rated Biracial, Mix Race Dolls for Girls Where Can I Find a Biracial Doll?

Biracial Doll Reviews and Buyers Guide 


I am a mother of an adorable biracial little girl who loves to play with dolls.  I have purchased both African-American and Caucasian dolls for her to play with but was able to find one that looks quite like her.  Like every other little girl, she wanted a doll that looked like her.  This is when I started my journey to find a biracial, copper color and curly haired doll.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.  Since mixed-race children are so beautiful and unique, it can be very hard finding one that looks similar to them. I did find some websites that allow you to special order biracial dolls, but they were costly.   So, I continued my search.  After looking at many dolls, I did find some that could pass as bi-racial.  Here is kidsplayandcreate’s list for the best biracial dolls on the market that won’t break your piggy bank.


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Madame Alexander Isaac Mizrahi Loves Wild About Leopard 18″ Doll

Madame Alexander Isaac Mizrahi Loves Wild About Leopard 18″ Dolls
This doll is 18″ tall. She has brown skin, brown eyes, and very curly black textured hair.  If you love leopard this doll is for you!  This cutie comes in a full leopard outfit with fashion sunglasses, gold lining on her velvet hoodie.  She also comes with gold Mary Jane and an adorable gold headband.  She has a soft body which is great for hugs.  This is a great doll for that little fashionista in your life.  This doll weighs 2.6 pounds.  It is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

Our Generation Kaylee 18 inch Doll with Curly Hair

Our Generation 18-inch Kaylee Regular Doll by Our Generation
This Our Generation Kaylee doll has beautiful thick dirty blonde curly hair that is styled in two adorable pigtails.  She has bright blue eyes that open and close.  She is made with a tan skin tone.  This Kaylee doll is dressed in a stylish outfit.  She comes wearing a cute pink skirt, underwear, shrug, tights, shrug and black shoes with little bows.  Kaylee can fit clothes from other 18 inch dolls including other Our Generation dolls.  She can also use accessories from other Our Generation dolls.  Our Generation Dolls are great quality dolls.


Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Calin Maria Doll


Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Calin Maria Doll
I just love this doll she is just adorable.  This cute baby doll was designed to look like a multi-ethnic baby doll.  She is 12 inches long and lightweight, weighing only 13.4 ounces.  She has a beanbag body that can be posed to look like a real baby.  She has vinyl skin on her head, arms and legs that have a light vanilla scent.  Her brown eyes open and close just like a real baby.  She comes wearing a one-piece pajama set with a matching headband.  She was also specially designed to be cradled in your child’s arms to be rocked and nurtured.  This doll is recommended for children ages 18mths and up.  The doll color may vary due to light effects.

Aurora World Cutie Curls Avery Doll

Aurora World Cutie Curls Avery Doll

This plush doll is 10 inches tall. She may not look biracial but these Aurora World dolls come in a variety of colors.   Each doll is made with beautiful embroidered facial features. She is an adorable doll that is super soft and just waiting for a hug.  She is a plush doll which makes her a great doll to cuddle with.  She has cute satin bows and long curly hair that you can brush. Aurora has been making products for over 30 years.  Their plush dolls will not disappoint. The recommended age for Aurora World Cutie Dolls is 12 months and up.

Our Generation Abrianna

Bundle Item: Our Generation 18″ Abrianna Doll with Moose-Print PJ’s and Plush Toy
Abrianna is an 18-inch doll from Our Generation.  She has long black curly hair that can be brushed and styled.  She rocks a glitter headband, purple tunic, polka dot shrug, red tights and purple shoes and also comes with a pair of underwear.  This bonus set comes with an extra outfit.  She comes with a pair of moose print flannel pajamas so she can get ready for bed just like your little one. She also comes with pink slippers and a small moose toy.  She is super cute and stylish.  She can wear clothes of other 18 inch dolls and can use any Our Generation accessories that can be purchased separately. Abrianna is an Our Generation doll so she is a great quality doll. This doll is recommended for ages 3 and up.


Truly Me American Doll 

American Girl – Truly MeTM Doll: Medium Skin, Layered Brown Hair, Brown Eyes DN29

If you’re looking for an American Girl doll this is the one for you.  This doll has a medium skin tone and has brown eyes that open and close.  She is made with long layered brown hair that can be brushed and styled in numerous ways.   She comes dressed in a cute lilac dress with a sequined belt, turquoise shoes and a pair of underwear.  She has a cloth body, which is great for hugs.  Her head, arms and legs are made out of vinyl and are moveable.   She is 18′ and not as expensive as other American Girl dolls. She can fit clothes from other 18 inch dolls. She weights 3 pounds and is recommended for children ages 8 and up.

Jakks Pacific Cabbage Patch Kids

If you’re looking for a Cabbage Patch Kids this is a great pick.  This doll has long brownish red  hair and brown eyes.  She comes wearing a pink and light blue party dress.  This is a limited edition 30 year anniversary doll, so supplies are limited.  This doll is so cute that every little girl would love to have her.

Cabbage Patch Kids Celebration 30th Anniversary Girl Doll Red Streaked Hair Brown Eyes

Why Buy my Child a Biracial Doll?

It can build their self-esteem and help them with seeing themselves with a positive self-image. Children connect with their dolls.  When a child has a bunch of dolls and none of them even looks a little like them, it can be upsetting.  They might start to think that they are different, don’t belong or even that their not pretty.  Biracial children are so unique and beautiful and it’s important that they feel that way.  None of these dolls may look quite like your child, but hopefully, you see one that may resemble them a little.  Maybe you see one that has the same type of hair, eyes or even skin tone.

What is a Good Price to Pay for a Biracial Doll?

Dolls can be expensive but you can also get great deals on Amazon and other sites.  The dolls listed on this site run from $15-$100.  Once you find that dolls that fits your needs, search around to get the best deal.

Where Can I Buy a Biracial Doll?

Unfortunately, that aren’t many stores that carry biracial dolls. I can say that toy manufacturers are noticing that not everyone is the standard blonde haired blue eyed Barbie doll and are coming out with more dolls of different ethnicities. All of the dolls listed on this site are  available on Amazon.  After doing some research I found that some are available on ebay and specialty sites such as etsy.

I hope that this list of dolls helped you on your journey to find that special doll.  Remember, you may not find an exact match to your special little girl, but maybe one that has some of the same features.  Hopefully, as time goes on toy makers will recognize that there are so many children that come from different ethnicities and cultures and start making  more dolls to represent that growing population.