The Top 5 Best Board Games for Toddlers

Games are not only fun to help but can help toddler learn and build on skills.  Playing games help a child learn about being patient (when waiting to take turns), help with hand-eye coordination, reflexes, learning how to take turns, and improving listening skills.  Games are also a great way to improve on social skills. After reading parent reviews, playing countless games and reading parent forums, we composed a list of the top 5 games for toddlers.


This energetic game by Hasbro will keep your toddler busy.

Promotes social play

It has simple rules, so only little explanation is needed.

The object of the game is to use nets to catch the colorful butterflies that fly out from the elephants trunk. Whoever catches the most butterflies wins.

This game is great because a child can play by him or herself.  It can also be played with two players.

Once you place the 4 C batteries (not included ) into the game, you place it on the floor and the truck will start to rise and the butterflies will come out.

The butterflies are easy to reload, which is great because the kids will play over and over again.

This game comes with two nets (easy to but together), 6 orange, blue, green and 7 white butterflies.

This game is recommended for children ages 3 and up, but can be good for a 2 year-old ( just make sure they don’t put the butterflies into their mouth)

Belefun comes with a blue elephant and Elefun comes with a pink elephant.

Elefun and Friends Elefun Game

Elefun & Friends Belefun Game

Lets Go Fishin’

This classic games is loads of fun for toddlers, older kids, and parents too

The object of the game is to pull the colorful fish out of the water using the included fishing rods. As you try to pull the fish out the board spins round and round while the fish mouths open and close.

Using the fishing rods to pull the fish out of the water helps toddlers improve their hand-eye coordination.

This game can also be educational.  You can help your toddler count as the pull the fish out of the water.  You also help your toddler learns colors by asking them to pull out a yellow fish or a red fish etc..

This game comes with 21 colorful fish “red, blue, green, orange and yellow”and 4 fishing poles/

It is for 1-4 players

Recommended for children ages 4 and up, but it’s great for younger children just as long as you watch them so they don’t put the fish in their mouths.

1 C battery required and not included.

Let’s Go Fishin’

Classic Hungry Hungry Hippos

So how can you not own this game!  This is another classic from Habro that most of us had played when we were kids.  It’s just as fun to play now as it was when we were kids.

The classic version is a little bit better than the newer version but if you can’t find the classic one it’s still worth to buy the new version.

This object of the game is to have your hippo eat as much food (marbles) as they can. The hippo who eats the most food wins.

The game comes with 4 hippos and 20 marbles.

Due to choking hazard (marbles) it is recommended for children 4 and up

Hungry Hungry Hippos


Chasin Cheeky

Chasin Cheeky is an active ring toss game.

The object of the game is to try to toss your rings on Cheeky’ tail while he zooms and dances all around the room.  Once you get all your rings on his tail, you then have to run and grab the banana out of his mouth.  The person who get the banana first wins.

Cheeky’s movements are unpredictable which makes this game loads of fun.

Kids will run, dance and jump around the room Chasin Cheeky, so make sure you have ample space to play.

Cheeky does not work on carpet.

Chasin Cheeky comes with one money with a snap on tail, 3 yellow rings and 3 green rings.

2 C batteries are required but not included.

If tossing the rings on Cheeky is hard for your young child you can have them run up to Cheeky and place the rings on.

The game is for 1-2 players, however you can play with more children if you bend the rules.  Give kids 2 rings instead of 3 and now more kids can play.

It will definitely keep kids busy and you will hear a lot of laughing.

Chasin Cheeky helps kids improve their hand-eye coordination.

Games Chasin Cheeky

Jumping Jack

This is a simple game that is great for young children.

Jack the bunny sits in the middle of the bunny hill (game board), while all the carrots fit in the holes around the hill.  The spinner determines how many carrots you pull from the hill.  One special carrot will make Jack jump from his hill, which one we don’t know.  If your carrot makes Jack jump, catch him and you win.  If one catches Jack, the person with the most carrots wins.

Recommended for children ages 4-7 but it’s also great for younger children.

No batteries required is always a plus.

This game can help improve a child’s hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

Jumping Jack – Pull Out a Carrot and Watch Jack Jump Game

How Can a Board Game be Educational?

Games can be educational in many ways.  Every time your child plays a game with another person, they will have to take turns.  Learning to take turns is a valuable lesson.  While waiting to take turns children learn about how to be patient.  They also learn to share.  Kids can also improve their social skills, hand-eye coordination, reflexes and more.

Why Buy My Toddler a Board Game, Aren’t They Too Young?

Playing a board game is a great way for a parent to interact with their toddler.  It’s also a good way for siblings to play together.  Toddler’s aren’t too young to play games.  Many of the games listed above can be played by 2 a year-old (never leave young children alone with small game pieces, as they may choke).  Just make sure that the game you buy is the right fit for your child.  If your child is always running and on the go Chasin Cheeky would be a great pick.  If your child has a good amount of patience you may choose Let’s Go Fishin’.