The Soft Magic Egg Easy Sceince Project Ideas for Kids

This is a fun and easy Science project for elementary school kids .  Only a small list of materials are needed.
Materials: 1 raw egg, Vinegar, 1 clear jar with top
Step 1: Put the raw egg in the clear jar
Step 2: Cover the entire egg with vinegar
Step 3: Watch the egg for 3 days and document the results
A little while after adding the vinegar you will see bubbles rising up from the egg
The egg shell will start to disintegrate and the egg will get soft.
Each day have the child gently touch the egg (they love this part) it will feel soft but icky
By the 3rd day you will be able to see the yolk through the egg.
Why does the yolk show through the egg?
Eggs contain calcium carbonate, this is why they are hard.  Vinegar is an acid. When the calcium carbonate (egg) combines with the acid (vinegar) a chemical reaction occurs. What happens is that carbon dioxide is released causing the bubbles in the jar. When all the carbon is released the egg it becomes soft.