The Big Bounce America Review

A Fun Day for ALL!

The Big Bounce America Review

I’m always looking for fun activities to do with my kids. We are outside people who enjoy being active. When I saw Big Bounce America on Facebook, I knew I had to check it out. My 4-year-old daughter and I attended the Big Bounce America today, and it was awesome; she had a blast! She was able to jump, run and play all day. She was so tired when we left I had to carry her to the car, and she fell asleep in my arms.    It was a fun, different way to spend our Saturday. Before I get into all the fun details of the day, I will go over some basic info. The Big Bounce America is the largest bounce house in the world. It is a multi-colored castle with 10,000 square feet of bouncing fun! It’s on tour and will be located at Long Island Sports Park in Calverton from June 22nd-June 25th and June 27th- July 1st. Tickets range from $11-$18, with an additional $7 for all-day fun at the Bounce Village.

Sessions and Pricing

The bounce sessions are split up into age groups. Splitting the age groups was a great way to promote fun and safety for all ages. The sessions are an hour long and divided as follows:

Toddler sessions are for children aged three and under – Tickets are $11

Junior Sessions are for children seven and under -Tickets are $18

Bigger Kid Sessions are for children 15 and under -Tickets are $18

Adult Sessions are for anyone over 16. Tickets are $18

Children 4 and under must be accompanied by an adult. If you have a small child, you must also purchase a ticket for yourself, so you can bounce with your child. Tickets are sold from a link on their Facebook Page, Big Bounce America, or Showclix.

The bounce houses are located on a large field. They have some vendors for food. They also allow you to bring your own food. If you are planning to spend the day, bring a cooler and some chairs or a sheet and set up a small area for yourself. They have some tents and chairs available, but it gets crowded so you never know if they will be available for you. They have porta-potties to use. I do recommend bringing some wipes or antibacterial hand sanitizer if you plan on eating.

You must have socks on to jump. Please remember to bring socks. They do not allow you to jump with your shoes on. They do have an area available to store your shoes.

Big Bounce America Review
Sneaker/Shoe Storage

Bounce Village

Big Bounce America Review

Before you get to the giant bounce house, you pass the Bounce Village. For an additional $7, kids get to play all day in smaller bounce houses. I believe they should eliminate that cost and include it with your admission. That being said, you have to pass the Bounce Village to get to the giant bounce house. If you’re with small children, it will be tough to pass by and not go in. I recommend buying the Bounce Village ticket, so you can stay and play all day, versus buying just the giant bounce house ticket, which allows you to bounce for one hour.    Inside the Bounce Village, they have a variety of bounce houses, including:

The Ninja Run Houses:

There was ninja running obstacle bounce houses. They all had a start, which was the entrance, and a finish, which was the exit.   My daughter loved these. They had things to jump through, climb over, and mazes to run through. My daughter must have done these 100 times. She loved them. I did them with her a couple of times. It was run.

Big Bounce America Review

Monster Ball Pit

Out of all the bounce houses in the Bounce Village, this was our favorite. This was a large 2,000 square feet bounce house ball fit that just screams fun. It’s a dome-shaped bounce house that can hold up to 50 people. It is large and full of shade, great for those hot sunny days. My daughter and I had fun jumping around and throwing balls at each other. There is Bounce House America staff inside to make sure everyone is safe.

Big Bounce America Review

Big Bounce America Review

The Little Bouncer

This is a smaller version of the Big Bounce House. This house is perfect for toddlers and little bouncers who want to have fun but need a break from the bigger kids.

Big Bounce America

Big Bounce America Review

They recommend getting to the park 1/2 hour before your bounce time, so there is time for check-in. It is also recommended that you print out your tickets if you can. They will accept tickets on your phone if you can’t print them.

Once you check-in, you can play in the Bounce Village (if you bought the additional ticket) until they make an announcement to line up to bounce in the large house. We got there an hour before because we weren’t sure how parking would be. Parking was easy and free.

While we waited for our bounce time, we checked out the Bounce Village. When our time was called, we lined up in front of the house.

This bounce house was huge, you don’t get the full effect until you enter the house. You have to go in to see your children, you cannot see them from the outside. I suggest that even if you have older children, buy an additional ticket and go in with them.

It’s huge, and even though there was a lot of staff, you still want to supervise your children, it’s also fun for parents. I enjoyed playing just as must as my daughter did.

Inside, you can bounce and play in all the different sections. In the middle of the bounce house, they have a DJ playing music, talking to the crowd, leading games, dancing and jumping competitions, and handing out prizes.  The DJ was a fun addition.

 They have four inflatable basketball hoops for slam dunking, they even had a dunk contest. They have a mini slide to climb and go down that’s great for toddlers. It also features a large slide into a ball put for older children.

They have an obstacle course inside and balls all over to play. They also have a small ball pit inside one of the sections. There are inflatable jungle animals, trucks, palm trees, and even beds to jump on or to sit and take a break.

Big Bounce America Review
Big Bounce America Review
Big Bounce America Review

Big Bounce America Review

We had a great time at Big Bounce America!   It would be fun for anyone two and up, including adults. 

What I loved most about the day was being able to play on all the bounce houses with my daughter.  loved the fact that I was able to go on the bounce house with her.

I also loved that you could bring your own food and hang out for the day.  Though they give you an hour in the large bounce house, there is no rush to leave the park. 

The event was also very organized, which made the day run very smoothly.

The staff and volunteers were knowledgeable and helpful.  They made the event fun for all.    I highly recommend Big Bounce America.

I hope that they return next year, and I will purchase a ticket.