The Best Water Tables for Toddlers and Kids

The Top Water Tables for Toddlers and Kids

Kids love playing with water, especially on a hot summer day.  Having a water table is a great way for kids to get outside, use their imagination, play and have fun!  They are a great addition to any backyard, child care program or summer camp program for young children.  We at researched water tables to give you a list of the best water tables around.  Here are our top picks.


Step 2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table
This is the water table my children ages 1.5 and 5 are currently playing with.  They love this table and with play with it for a couple of hours.  It does require some assembly, it took me about 20-30 mins tops. I used an electric screwdriver.  One of the best parts of this water table is the two levels.  It has one main level that the water sits in and a top level that you fill it water and watch it rain down.  My children like that feature best.  Another great feature was all the accessories that it comes with.  It comes with 1 bucket, 2 cups to pour water, a water wheel, a fish and a frog that squirt water, a duck, 1 flipper to flip the frog and fish, a water scooper and maze pieces that you can rearrange and create different water mazes. I would recommend this product for ages 1.5-5.

Key Features:

  • Two level water table with rain shower effect
  • Comes with a lot of accessories including a fish and frog that squirt water, bucket, water scoopers, flipper, duck water wheel, pieces to create a water maze
  • Easy to use and convenient drain plug
  • Dimensions: 39x24x32 inches
  • I recommend children 1.5 – 5 years of age would enjoy this table best

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Little Tikes makes great toys for kids and they get an A from us with this cute high quality water table.  It is very sturdy yet light weight, weighing just under 12 pound.  It is loaded with cool features which will keep the kids busy for hours.  This water table has a drain plug underneath to easily drain water for easy clean up. Greta table for a child care setting.


  • Holds 7 gallons of water
  • Comes with 5 squirt balls that squirt water and a water cup.
  • Swirly funnel in the middle to drop balls
  • Recommended ages 2-6 years
  • Dimensions 29 x 29.5 x 31.5 inches
  • Enough space for 3-4 children to play at the same time.

 Step 2 Duck Pond Water Table

Step2 Duck Pond Water Table

This duck pond themed water table by Step 2 is adorable.  What little kid doesn’t like ducks?  This table will keep kids playing.  It comes with 2 ducks, a slide for the ducks,  a frog that squirts water, frog launcher (kids favorite) and a water spinner.  This table is sturdy and also light weight, weighing just over 9 pounds.  It also comes with a drain plug to easily drain water after use.


  • Duck Pond Theme (super cute)
  • Frog launcher to launch ducks across the water.
  • Frog that squirts water
  • Water scoop
  • 2 small ducks (you can purchase more at a dollar store or Wal-Mart)
  • A slide for the ducks
  • Spinner in the center to move the water around
  • Recommended age 18mts-5 years.
  • Dimensions 31.5 x 31.5 x 24.5

Step 2 Naturally Playful Sand and Water Table

Step2 787800 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center

This table is the best of both worlds as it is  a combination of both a water table and a sand table.  Kids love mixing sand and water!  Half of the table holds water, while the other half holds sand.  It includes a plastic cover, but only for the sand side to keep it clean.  It comes with 8 accessories including a 60 inch removable umbrella (great for hot days), 2 bridges, 2 boats, 2 pots and one shovel.  Another great features is that the table’s legs are removable so you can use it at ground level.  It also comes with a drain plug for the water side to easily drain the water after use.


  • Play with both water and sand (holds 20 pounds of sand not included)
  • Comes with 8 accessories (removable umbrella, 2 bridges, 2 boats, 2 pots and one shovel)
  • Lid with elastic ties for the sand side.
  • Drain plug for the water side
  • Removable legs to play with at ground level.
  • Minimal assembly required.
  • Weight 27 pounds
  • Dimensions 26 x 46.5 x 20.8 inches

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Play Table

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Outdoor Play Water Table | 628566M
Ahoy Matey!  We love this pirate themed water table by Little Tikes.  It’s super fun and great for imaginary play.  The table itself resembles a fun pirate ship equipped with a skull and crossbones flag. It even has a cannon that kids can squirt water from.  Kids can keep the water flowing by pouring it in the crows nest or by using the pump.  The spinning features also help the water move throughout the table and helps move floating objects around. Kids will love playing caption by spinning the wheel to raise and lower the anchor. The pirate themed table also comes with cute accessories.  This table also has a drain plug underneath to drain the water easily after use.


  • Table comes with 2 pirates, one shark, one cannon, one plastic inter tube, two scoopers, one bucket and skull and crossbones flag.
  • Drain plug to easy drain water after use.
  • Sturdy and lightweight (19.5 pounds)
  • Dimensions 40 x 29 x 38 inches
  • Great for ages 2-6

Step 2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table with Umbrella

Step2 Splish Splash Seas Water Table with Umbrella

This is another great water table by Step 2.  It comes with many features that will keep kids busy.  This great table is the perfect size for toddlers.  It can hold 7 gallons of water.  The convenient drain plug makes it easy to drain water after use.  The 42 inch umbrella will give the kids plenty of shade while playing on a hot day.


  • Comes with many accessories including: 2 little figurines one boy and one girl, boat, cup, diving board, slide, spinning red octopus, palm tree, 42 inch umbrella
  • Holds 7 gallons of water
  • Dimensions 30 x 42.25 x 27 inches
  • Weight 20 pounds
  • Recommended ages 18 months – 5

Step 2 Waterfall Discovery Play Set

Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall Playset for Toddlers – Kids Outdoor Activity Water Splash Maze Toy with Accessory Set, Multicolor
This waterfall wall by Step 2 is a different approach to the traditional water table.  Instead of playing with water at a table, kids pour water at the top of this water wall and watch it come down a water maze.  The wall has different features including spinners and funnels that can be moved around the wall.   It’s different and it’s fun.  The kids will enjoy pouring the water and watching it come down in zig zags and going through spinners and funnels.  The best part is after the kids watch the water come down they can move the pieces around the wall and make a new maze.  Your kids will turn into little engineers!  The wall is double-sided so multiple children can play at once.  The bottom of the wall has a base that catches the water as it comes down, so children can reuse the same water while playing.


  • Cool Water Wall instead of traditional table
  • Comes with 13 moveable accessories
  • Lightweight 12 pounds but sturdy
  • Dimensions 33.25 x 28 x 16.25 inches (not to tall for small children)
  • Recommended ages 18mts – 5

Can you Fill a Water Table with Objects Other than Water?

Most water tables come with a drain underneath to easily drain water.  I wouldn’t recommend trying to drain other objects, they may get stuck and ruin your table.  However, if you want to play with other things I recommend getting a large plastic storage container usually around $3.00 at Wal-Mart (depending on size) and filling it for sensory play.  You can try to fill it with sand, rice, uncooked pasta, marbles, dirt, pebbles or sea shells.

What is the Best Age for a Water Table?

Most water tables are recommended for children ages 18mts to 6.  I’d say that children ages 2-5 will get the most use out of it and have the most fun.  It’s a great toy to play with siblings.  They are fun for both boys and girls and it will something they can enjoy together.

What are the Benefits to having a Water Table?

Water tables help break that backyard boredom. Kids love playing with water and will enjoy splashing it around especially on a hot day.

Water tables are fun to play and are great for easy clean up. Most water tables come with a drain underneath.  After the kids are finish playing simply place all the toys back on the table and drain water.  I do recommend getting a tarp to cover it if it doesn’t come with a cover.

Water tables are Great for Imaginary Play.

Playing with water tables is a great way to build social skills by playing with other children; children will also learn to share and learn to work together.

Water tables also help with hand eye coordination. While playing with their water table, children will pick up or scoop small objects, or water in a hole helping with coordination.

Water tables are great for an overall learning experience. From learning how to share to figuring out why water pours down from holes to spinning wheels and watching what happens.  Water tables are a great way for our child to have fun outside and learn.

What are Some Fun Water Table Activities?

Besides from the fun features your water table comes with, you can have hours of fun creating your own water table activities. Try some of these fun ideas.

Add dish soap to make super soapy water for fun sensory play.

Use Easter Eggs to scoop up water.

Build boats out of Legos

Make cool ice sculptures for your table. Use ice cube trays or sand molds, fill them with water, add food coloring and freeze them.  Once they are frozen, place them in your water play and watch them melt.

Fill squeeze bottles with water and a little bit of food coloring, have the kids squeeze them into the water to make colorful designs.

Have a rubber ducky race. Place a rubber ducky for each child playing at one end of the table, using a water gun, spray bottle or squeeze bottle squirt your duck to move it across the table.  First person to get their duck across the table wins.

Add water beads or Orbeez to the water. You can scoop them, pretend to cook with them or just play with them for sensory play.

Make holes at the bottom of plastic cups. Scoop water in them from the water table and watch the water pour out.

Have fun with science while playing with the water table, pick up a couple of different objects of various sizes.  Place them in the water one at a time to find out if they sink or float.  Talk to your child about the objects and why they sink of float.