The Best S’Mores Recipes Period

Are you ready to indulge in the ultimate campfire treat? If so, then you are in the right place. S’Mores are a summertime tradition at our house. My children and I love sitting around our fire pit, roasting marshmallows, and making S’Mores.

We all know that s’mores are the summer delight, but did you know there are tons of cool and yummy ways to make them even more awesome? From adding different candy and fruit to swapping the chocolate for something extra special, we have the best S’Mores recipes everyone will love.

Get your taste buds ready because we’re about to discover the most delicious and creative s’mores recipes that will make you beggin’ for S’more!

Absolute Best S'mores recupues

Although they love making S’Mores, my six-year-old recently asked me if she could make a new flavor of S’Mores. At first, I looked at her confused, “a new flavor?” I said. I was thinking to myself, why mess with tradition? Then I thought, why not. Let’s try something new.

Here are our favorite S’mores recipes.

Reese’s Peanut Butter S’Mores

Best S'Mores Recipes

If you love Reese’s Peanut butter cups, this recipe is for you! Add a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup into a S’More’s is just genius. It was delicious and my two-year-old’s favorite. The only problem with these is not eating all the Reese’s before the marshmallows are ready.


2 Graham Crackers
One toasted marshmallow
1 Reese’s Thins. We used Reese’s Thins, which I did not realize they made until I went to the store. I felt like they were a better choice than the original Reese’s. The original Reese’s are very thick, and I have small children, so once you add the marshmallow and the two graham crackers, it makes a pretty big bite. Reese’s Thins worked perfectly.

Place one Reese’s Thin on top of a graham cracker. Once your marshmallow is toasted, place it on top of Reese’s Thin and top it with another graham cracker.

You will not be disappointed if you are a fan of Reese’s.

Peanut Butter S’Mores

Peanut Butter Cup S'mores

Not a chocolate lover? Love peanut butter? If so, then this is the S’More for you.

Before going on this new S’Mores adventure, I didn’t realize that you don’t have to use chocolate. Some might say, is it a S’More without chocolate? I think so. These peanut butter S’mores were terrific and my kids loved them!


2 Graham Crackers
toasted marshmallow
One spoonful of peanut butter, crunchy or smooth

Place a spoonful of peanut butter on top of a graham cracker. Once your marshmallow is nice and toasted, place it on the peanut butter. Top it off with the second graham cracker. Enjoy!

Chocolate Coconut S’Mores

Coconut S'mores

This S’Mores recipe was more for me than the kids! I wasn’t a fan of coconut in my younger years, but as I got older, I absolutely loved coconut. I love adding coconut to different recipes. It worked perfectly with the chocolate in this S’Mores recipe.


2 Graham Crackers
One toasted marshmallow
One small spoonful of coconut
One piece of Hershey’s Chocolate

Place a piece of Hershey’s chocolate on top of a graham cracker. Next, put a small spoonful of coconut on the Hershey’s chocolate. Toast your marshmallow. Once your marshmallow is nice and toasted, place it on the coconut and cover it with the second graham cracker. Enjoy!

Strawberry Banana S’Mores

Why not add fruit to your S’Mores? You can try this recipe with bananas, strawberries, or both! Your choice! My children love fruit; we thought it would be a great idea to add some to our S’Mores.

Since S’More’s are made with chocolate, I figured let’s try adding some fruit. It worked! These S’Mores were delicious. They also looked pretty. They would be a nice dessert for a summer party or BBQ.


2 Graham Crackers
One toasted marshmallow
A thin slice of banana and one thinly sliced strawberry half
One piece of Hershey’s Chocolate

First, you are going to prepare your fruit. Thinly slice a banana. You can use 1 one banana to make several S’Mores. Next, cut a strawberry in half longways, then cut the rounded outside piece off so the strawberry can lay flat on the chocolate.

Place a piece of chocolate on top of a graham cracker, add your thin sliced banana, and add your strawberry. Once your marshmallow is nice and toasty, place it on top.

Tropical S’Mores

It’s summer, so why not have tropical S’Mores? This was another one of my daughter’s ideas. She said, “Mommy, let’s add some pineapple.”  Why not, I thought.   

Initially, I was a little unsure about this recipe, but it works. Marshmallows and tropical fruit go well together. We did this one with and without chocolate. Try both, and see what you like.


Graham Crackers
Toasted Marshmallow
One piece of Hershey’s chocolate candy
One pineapple slice

Place a piece of Hershey’s chocolate bar onto the graham cracker. Next, place a bit of thinly sliced pineapple on top of the chocolate.

Toast your marshmallow. Put your marshmallow on top of the pineapple when it is nice and toasty.

Place a graham cracker on top. Your tropical S’More is complete. 

Your Favorite Candy S’Mores

S'more recipe ingredients

Do you like Kit Kats, Twix, Crunch bars, or Snickers? Replace the old Hershey chocolate bar with different candy.

My daughter loves Kit Kat, so her idea was to replace the Hershey chocolate bar with a piece of Kit Kat.

She loved the Kit Kat S’More. Now she doesn’t even want to use the original Hershey bar anymore.


Graham Crackers
Toasted Marshmallow
Your favorite chocolate candy 

Make it like a traditional S’More. Replace Hershey’s chocolate bar with your favorite candy. 

Oreo Cookies/Chocolate Chip Cookie S’Mores

These were a favorite with the kids. I mean, who doesn’t like Oreo cookies? If you happen not to like Oreos, try using a chocolate chip cookie.

So yummy. If you have extra time, try making your own chocolate chip cookies and make the S’Mores right after they come out of the oven… So yummy!  


Oreo cookies (Oreo Thins work best) or Chocolate Chip cookies
Graham crackers
Toasted Marshmallow
Place an Oreo Thin or chocolate chip cookie on top of your graham cracker. Toast your marshmallow to your liking.   Place your toasted marshmallow on top of your cookie. Place the graham cracker on top. Enjoy!

Create a S’Mores Bar

Back Yard Party/BBQ Idea

Are you having a BBQ or outdoor party this summer? A S’More’s Bar is an excellent idea for your next party. Both children and adults enjoy making S’Mores. It will be the hit of the party.

Set up a table with a couple of plates and/or containers you can fill with S’Mores ingredients.  

You can have a container for Marshmallows, one for graham crackers, and one for chocolate. Then you can have extra containers for fruits, cookies, and different types of candies. Encourage guests to try all other S’Mores fillers. 

Children and adults will have a blast creating their very own unique S’Mores.

S’Mores Bar tips

  1. Keep food covered at all times
  2. Be mindful of the weather. It’s summer, so it’s hot. Chocolates and marshmallows can melt quickly. Keep food inside until you are ready for guests to make them.  
  3. Consider keeping candy in the freezer before the party.

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Best S'more Recipe