The best diaper backpacks for parents and caregivers

The Best Diaper Travel Backpacks

Every parent needs a diaper bag; you can’t leave home without it. Wouldn’t it be great to have one bag that can hold every while keeping both hands free?  If this sounds like you, a diaper backpack might be a great fit.

The smaller the baby is, the more stuff they need. With babies come diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, pacifiers, blankets, extra clothes the list goes on and on. 

You need something that can fit all your stuff and has compartments to keep it neat and organized.  Traditional diaper bags don’t meet the needs of most parents.  There usually aren’t enough pockets for all your stuff; they are usually big bulky bags that have to be thrown over your shoulder.  Eventually, all the weight from the bag can cause shoulder and back pain. 

The best diaper backpacks for parents and caregivers

Traditional diaper bags just don’t have a great design, but what if you think of something outside the box, a diaper backpack?  Just think about it.  Something that you can throw all your stuff in and wear right on your back. 

No more shoulder pain, no more leaving your bag on the side as you play on the playground, worrying if it will be there when you can get back.  It’s hands-free and convenient. 

The best part is, as your child grows, you can still use the diaper backpack to store their sippy cups, snacks, you name it.

What is a diaper backpack? 

A diaper backpack is a diaper bag converted into a backpack.  It has all the space and compartments of a regular diaper bag, but you can wear it on your back, making it a lot easier for travel and hands-free.

Have two little ones that you need to hold at the same time.  How hard is it when carrying a traditional diaper bag?  With the diaper backpack, you can just put it on and have two free hands to hold your kids.

Traveling on a bus or a train?  How hard is it to simultaneously fold and hold the stroller, diaper bag, and baby?  It’s hard; I’ve been there.  With the diaper backpack, throw it on, and you have a free hand again.

We tested some of the top-rated diaper backpacks at Kids Play and Create.  We tested how well they hold spills, how much they can store, and how they help up besting thrown around. Here is our list of the best diaper backpacks.

Kids Play and Create’s Top Pick

Fivemax Multi-Function Diaper Backpack

Fivemax Multi-Function Travel Back Pack

FIVEMAX Multifunction Travel Back Pack

I recently used this backpack while on my cruise to Bermuda, and I have to say, this is my favorite out of all the backpacks I’ve tried.  It’s a five-star diaper bag. I have two small children, a 1-year-old and a 5-year-old. 

I needed something for all their essentials while on the ship and in Bermuda. This did the trick.  I could fit everything I needed in there and had plenty of room left over.

 One of the things I loved best was that when I filled it up with all my belongings, it wasn’t bulky or uncomfortable to wear on my back.  The straps are comfy and wide.  They did not cut into my skin, and I carried a lot of stuff.

 This diaper backpack also has a lot of pockets and a lot of compartments.

  It has a zippered front pocket that can fit small items such as keys, small toys, a bag of snacks or anything else you need easy access to.

  It also has three zippered compartments. 

Each compartment had pockets for items, including bottles, water or juice boxes, snacks, a mesh pocket for soiled clothing, and space for extra clothing and toys.

Some of the pockets were insulated, keeping the milk chilled for a couple of hours. The main compartment was big. 

I could put in 10 diapers, wipes, cream, and lotions and still have space. You could also fit formula or a breast pump in there.

 It also comes with a waterproof diaper-changing mat. 

The side of the bag had two pockets.  The backpack has one pocket on each side, one for a bottle and the other one for wipes.  I love diaper backpacks with a wipes pocket; as a mom with small children, you always use wipes. 

On the back of the bag was a small zippered pocket.  While out in Bermuda, I kept my money and my identification in there.

I also like the style of the compartments.  You can zip them, so they are fully open for easy access, or you can unzip them slightly, so you can just stick your hand in and pull what you need out.

This diaper backpack also comes with stroller straps.  I used the straps while walking my son in the stroller.

This diaper backpack is water-resistant and very easy to clean.  My son spilled a drink on it, and I could easily wipe it down, so it looked like new.  I really liked the fabric.  It felt nice and looked expensive.  The zippers work well, even when filled to capacity. I highly recommend this bag.

Key Features:

  • Water-resistant stylish fabric, easy to clean
  • A massive amount of storage.  Three main zippered compartments, two side pockets, a front pocket, and a small hidden back pocket.
  • It comes with a waterproof diaper-changing mat and stroller straps
  • Wide comfortable straps.  It doesn’t cut into your skin, and it is very comfortable to wear.
  • Insulated pockets to keep drinks at the proper temperature.

Best  Designer Style Bag

Miss Fong’s Diaper Backpack

Miss Fong's Diaper Backpack

Leather Diaper Bag Backpack by Miss Fong,

This is the perfect diaper backpack for those parents whose hearts were set on getting a Fawn Design Diaper Backpack but couldn’t bring themselves to spend that much money on a diaper backpack. 

Let me tell you the parents that we spoke to were very very pleased with this diaper backpack and were no longer upset that they didn’t get the Fawn Design bag.

This is a great diaper backpack for those stylish moms, dads, and caregivers.  It comes in two versions: a PU leather design with an outer layer made of 100% PU leather and an inner layer that is 100% waterproof and comes in various colors.  The colors include Navy, Black, Olive, Red, Blush Pink, and Grey.  It also comes in a nylon version and is machine-washable; that’s right, we said it a machine-washable diaper backpack.

This stylish backpack has six outer pockets and seven inner pockets.  The outer pockets include zippered compartments and a wipes pouch. 

The large back pocket can be unzipped to slip over your luggage handle, making it the ultimate travel bag.

The inner pockets include three mesh pockets, two insulated pockets, one zippered pocket, and a large open pocket.  The main storage area is roomy and has enough space to store an extra pair of clothes, diapers, and a blanket.

I mean, this diaper backpack comes with so much storage that there is a place for everything from your keys right down to your gum.  It also comes with a stroller strap and a changing bag.  This bag by Miss Fong also comes with a detachable cross-body shoulder strap so that you can wear the bag two ways.

Key Features:

  • Stylish design similar to a Fawn Design bag
  • A lot of storage, six outer pockets and seven inner pockets, including insulated pockets and a wipes pouch
  • It comes with a waterproof changing pad
  • Strong zippers, long-lasting
  • Detachable cross-body shoulder strap
  • 100% waterproof inner lining
  • The nylon version is machine washable


Most Popular

Halova Diaper Backpack

HaloVa Diaper backpack for parents.  Light colored diaper bag that can attach to the baby's stroller

The Halova Land Diaper Backpack is one of the most popular and loved diaper bags we have found on the market.  It has thousands of positive reviews, so we decided to do our own review to see the hype.

First off, the diaper bag is very cute.  It comes in 15 colors, so there is something for everyone.  It’s stylish,  tough, and durable.  I particularly like the gold zippers; to me, it gives the bag a more stylish look. It is also made from a water-resistant Oxford fabric, so you can easily wipe up spills.

The diaper bag has a lot of storage.  It has a large main compartment, five zippered pockets, and pockets for bottles and other baby essentials.  There is enough space for diapers, clothing, toys, a breast pump, formula, and other baby essentials. 

The zippered pocket on the back of the bag gives you easy access to the items at the bottom of the main compartment.

It has a lot of storage on the outside as well.  The large front zippered pocket can hold three slim bottles diameter of fewer than 2.6 inches and a height of fewer than 6.7 inches. The front pocket also has a separate pocket for wet items or clothes.  It also has creative-size pockets, including the convenient wipes pocket.

People have machine-washed thing bag and had no problems.  I haven’t tried it out yet, but it doesn’t say it is machine washable.

This is also a multi-use bag; you can use it as a diaper, travel bag, bag to bring to a theme park, or even carry around.

The shoulder straps are comfortable and adjustable. One downside is that this diaper backpack does not have stroller straps or a changing pad.  These can easily be purchased at baby stores or online.  Stroller hooks can even be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes.

Key Features

  • Made from a water-resistant Oxford fabric, cleaning up spills is a breeze.
  • A lot of storage, It has pockets for all your baby essentials.  Has space to carry your breast pump or formula
  • Convenient wipes pocket
  • Zippered back pocket for easy access to items at the bottom of your bag
  • Multi-use, you can use this bag as a diaper bag, travel bag or bag for a theme park.
  • Comfortable straps
  • Does not come with a changing pad or a stroller hook


Top Bag for Dads

Bag Nation Diaper Backpack

Bag Nation Diaper Bag for babies and toddlers

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps,

This diaper backpack by Bag Nation is our top pick for dads.  It’s made of a high-quality water-resistant twill polyester that is stronger than cloth.   This strong but lightweight fabric will never fray and has strong zippers. Since it is water-resistant, you can clean up spills with ease. Water beads off the black colored bag. It is a tough and durable bag that will stay in great condition for years to come.

This diaper backpack has 14 multi-sized pockets to fit all your essential baby items easily. The large main compartment can hold a variety of items.  The bag can stand up on its own empty or full.  The ergonomically padded straps maximize comfort.  It has adjustable straps can be used to hang on the stroller; no need to purchase stroller hooks.

This diaper backpack has a changing pad and a sundry bag for personal items.  It also has a side wipes pocket for easy access to baby wipes. This diaper bag has a big insulated pocket that can hold a variety of bottle sizes.

Key Features

  • 14 pockets that come in a variety of sizes
  • Size pocket for your baby wipes
  • Padded straps for maximum comfort
  • Non-toxic it’s BPA and phosphate-free
  • Water-Resistant
  • Strong and durable fabric
  • Large insulated pocket that can fit a variety of bottle sizes
  • American Company
  • Lifetime warranty


Mancro Diaper Backpack

 Mancro Durable Diaper Backpack

We love this diaper backpack by Mancro.  It’s a perfect size and has a lot of storage.  To get to the inside of the backpack, just unzip the large front pocket. Inside there is tons of space that can hold diapers, clothing, a baby’s blanket, and formula. It has a large back pocket to hold the changing pad, table, or magazines.  It also has a bottle pocket inside, a mesh pocket for smaller items like a wallet, keys, or a pacifier, and a net compartment.

On the outside of the bag, there is also a smaller zippered pocket that can hold two bottles.  Insulated pockets on each side of the bag can keep bottles or snacks at an even temperature.  There are also side wipe pockets and a top zippered pocket.

A cool feature is the curved adjustable shoulder straps.  The curved straps make carrying this bag very comfortable, especially when carrying those heavy loads.

We love that this diaper backpack has a  changing pad and stroller straps.

This is a great multi-use bag.  It’s great for travel, as a diaper backpack, or even for day-to-day errands.  It’s made from great quality water-resistant fabric, which is good for easy cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Made from a water-resistant high-quality fabric
  • Comes with stroller straps and changing pad
  • Has tons of pockets for all your baby essentials.
  • It comes in 5 vibrant colors: gray, dark blue, blue and pink
  • Adjustable curved, comfortable shoulder straps
  • This diaper backpack has a lot of pockets and storage
  • Convenient side wipes pocket

Mid-Size Favorite 

Halfmall Diaper Backpack

Halmall Diaper Backpack

Hafmall Diaper Bag Backpack

Hafmall diaper backpack goes by the motto “Not too little, Not too much,” and they deliver on that.  This diaper backpack is stylish, lightweight, and just the right size.  It has a lot of space, enough pockets for everything, and a great price.

Both the inside and outside are made out of water-resistant fabric.  The inside of the bag has an amazing amount of space.  It has one large storage compartment and six pockets.  The pockets include two zippered pockets, two bottle pockets, and one other storage pocket on each side.

It has great outside pockets too.  The back zippered pocket is a dry and wet split pocket.  The front zippered pocket has two insulated bottle pockets, a mesh pocket, and even a small pocket to hold a baby spoon, fork, or straw.

The two insulated bottle pockets have been updated to maintain temperature for longer periods of time.  Another great feature is a very convenient wipes pocket.

This diaper backpack comes with stroller straps, a very important and useful feature that many people look for in a diaper backpack.   It is also multi-functional and can be used as a backpack or a handbag.  The adjustable shoulder straps are very comfortable, making it great for long trips.  It also comes with a key chain attachment.  The one downside is that it does not come with a changing pad.

Key Features:

  • A lot of storage space
  • Comfortable straps
  • Stroller straps
  • Updated insulated bottle pockets
  • Multi-functional can be used as a backpack or handbag
  • Great travel bag
  • Convenient wipes pocket
  • Water-resistant fabric both inside and out

For the Adventurer 

High-Speed Daddy Tactical Diaper Backpack

High Speed Daddy Tac

HSD Diaper Bag Backpack

Are you the adventurous type?  If so, then this diaper backpack is for you.  This high-quality, tough diaper backpack can take a beating.  The U.S. Military has tested it in both urban and field environments.

It is made of a 600D waterproof polyester that keeps your bag dry.  It’s for parents who take their kids hiking, fishing, camping, and climbing.  This diaper backpack will hold up to just about everything, whether you’re out in the country, mountains, or heading out in the concrete jungle;

you won’t be disappointed.

This tactical diaper backpack has incredible storage; there is room for everything.  This backpack is perfect if you have more than one child. The main compartment opens like a traditional zippered backpack. Inside has enough space for clothing, toys, diapers, and other baby essentials for multiple children. 

It has a pocket for your included changing pad and/or tablet and a mesh pocket.

The front zippered pocket has a place for everything from diapers to pens to your keys; there is a pocket or place for everything.

The diaper backpack also comes with a convenient wipes pocket located at the top of the backpack. It also has insulated side pockets to keep bottles at a constant temperature.

The bottom outside is a great place to keep small items such as the baby’s pacifier, pens, keys, etc…

The bottom of the bag has four hard rubber traction feet to prevent abrasions while standing upright.  This is a cool feature that keeps your bag in great condition for a longer period of time.

The HSD tactical diaper backpack comes with contoured shoulder straps for ultimate comfort.  It also has waist and sternum straps for extra support when carrying large, heavy loads. This diaper backpack also comes with stroller straps so you can hang the bag on the back of the stroller.

This would be our first pick for a travel or theme park bag!

Key Features:

  • Very Durable, tough diaper backpack tested by the military in both Urban and field environments 
  • Great diaper backpack for the outdoors person, great travel bag, and theme park bag
  • It comes with stroller straps and changing pad
  • Comfortable adjustable contoured shoulder straps
  • Storage for literally everything, enough room to store items for multiple children
  • Made from a waterproof polyester
  • Comes in 4 colors: Black, Multicam, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green
  • Owned and Operated by a Veteran

Do I need a diaper bag or backpack?

As a mom of two little ones, my answer would be yes.  When going out with a baby and a toddler, you take many things with you. Having a bag to put everything in and keep organized will make your life much easier.

Important Features to look for in a diaper backpack:

You will want a diaper backpack with a waterproof lining.  Waterproof linings are easy to clean, which makes cleaning up spills easier.

Durable Fabric: 

Whichever diaper backpack you choose, ensure it’s durable and easily cleaned.  You are going to be taking it everywhere with you.  It’s going to have to hold up on all sorts of outings. 

Lots of pockets or compartments: Having a diaper backpack with many pockets will keep you more organized. 

When you are in a hurry to grab that pacifier or other baby items, it’s easier to find when it is located in its designated pocket.   

The last thing you want to have to do is desperately look for an item lost in your bag while your baby is screaming.

Side pocket for wipes. 

This is a relatively new feature found in some diaper backpacks, and we love it. 

When you have a baby or a small child, you are always in need of a wipe; therefore, having one available at your fingertips is one of the most convenient features one can ask for.

Stroller Straps: 

Many moms ask us. Can the bag hook onto my stroller?  This is a very important question.  Having strong stroller straps is a key feature.  Sometimes it is easier just to let the bag hang on the stroller.  In love with a bag that doesn’t have a stroller strap?  No worries, you can purchase a stroller hook separately.

Insulated Pocket: 

Having at least one insulated pocket is beneficial because, at some point, you will need to keep a liquid cold or warm.  An insulated pocket will help keep the liquid at the right temperature.

Wipes pocket:

As parents and caregivers of young children, you know you cannot go anywhere without baby wipes.  I never realized how useful they are until I had my first child.  Now, I can clean virtually anything with a baby wipe. 

I keep them everywhere, in my care, kitchen bathroom. 

Having a baby wipe/tissue pocket on the side of a diaper backpack is a must. 

Once you get the feeling of just reaching into that pocket and grabbing a wipe in seconds, you will never go back to not having one.  Trust me, get a diaper backpack with wipes/tissue pocket.

What items will I need to pack in my diaper bag or backpack?

Diaper bag/ Diaper Backpack Checklist

Diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, bottles, formula, water, milk or juice, pacifier, changing pad, change of clothes for baby, blanket, breast pump, and nursing cover (for breastfeeding moms), hand sanitizer, disposable bags for stinky diapers and small toys. 

You may also look for a diaper bag or backpack with a compartment for your tablet or phone.

Can a diaper backpack be used for other things?

The answer is yes! A diaper backpack can be used for all sorts of things.  You can even use one if you don’t have a baby. Check out other uses for a diaper backpack.

Toddler/Kids travel bag

Babies grow and eventually don’t need diapers anymore. That doesn’t mean you will no longer need your diaper backpack.  When you have kids or go on an outing with children, your diaper backpack can be very useful. 

You can carry juice or water, snacks, small toys, or books to keep kids entertained. 

Many diaper backpacks have compartments for tablets and phones.  Diaper backpacks are also good for carrying children’s belongings and souvenirs on a trip.

Carry on Bag

I recently used my diaper backpack as a carry-on bag for the airplane, and I didn’t even have my baby with me.  I used it to hold magazines, water, my tablet, a toothbrush and toothpaste, brochures, a small blanket, headphones, and snacks.  It fit well under my seat.  I will always be using it on all my airplane trips.

Picnic Bag

I used my diaper backpack as a picnic bag at the park.  It had a space for all our lunches, plus a nicely folded sheet.  After lunch, we went for a walk around the park.  I stored all the rocks and other items my daughter picked up in the diaper backpack.

Amusement Park Bag

A couple of months ago, we took a trip to an amusement park. I used the diaper backpack to carry some snacks, water, keys, wallet, and personal belongings.  I also used it to carry my daughter’s souvenirs.

Diaper backpacks are perfect for family trips to Disney World!

Is a Diaper Backpack a Good Gift for a Dad?

Yes!  Dads go out with the baby too!  The diaper backpack is a great gift for a new father.  I’d say it’s a bit more manly than the traditional diaper tote bag.  Many dads are also active and on the go; therefore, the hands-free option is a great pick for dads.

Diaper Bag Vs. Diaper Backpack

You can find almost the same features in the traditional diaper bag and the diaper backpack.  The biggest difference between a diaper backpack and a diaper bag is how you carry it. 

The traditional diaper bag is more like a tote that you carry over your shoulder or across the body. 

The diaper backpack is carried on your back, giving you the hands-free option in my opinion, and after speaking with many parents and reading countless reviews, many people prefer using a diaper backpack. 

With people leading more active lives, the diaper backpack is the more convenient choice.

What do I do if My Diaper Bag or Backpack Does Not Come with a Changing Pad?

If your diaper backpack or diaper bag does not come with a changing pad, don’t worry.  Many portable changing pads are available to purchase in a retail store or online at sites such as Amazon.

There are two types of portable changing pads.  There are disposable and non-disposable.

Disposable changing pads are changing pads that you can use and throw away.  I love using disposable changing pads, and I use them with my regular changing pad when I am out in public.  I don’t like putting my changing pad down on the changing table in the public bathroom. 

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Disposable Changing Pads

munchkin arm and hammer disposable changing pads for babies and toddlers

These disposable changing pads by Munchkin make changing your baby on a sanitary surface a breeze.  The changing pads have very absorbent layers with leak-proof sides to keep both babies and the surface nice and dry.  These changing pads also are infused with Arm and Hammer Baking Soda for the natural elimination of odors.  They are great on the go.  The dimensions at 18×26.75.

Non-Disposable Changing Pad by Baby Loovi

non-disposable changing pad for baby

This Baby Loovi changing pad was highly recommended by some moms I spoke to.  Parents and caregivers love it because of its size. 

The dimensions 31.5 x 25.6 are much larger than most changing pads.  Not only is this plenty of room for your baby, but it’s great for toddlers too. 

People typically forget to think about their babies growing and needing to change them when they’re out. 

This changing pad is waterproof and easy to clean; you just need to wipe it down with a damp cloth. 

It folds up easily, which is great for travel.  This changing pad also comes with a travel bag that can easily fit into your diaper backpack.  We give this changing pad an A+.

Thank you for reading our list of the top diaper backpacks.  If you are using a diaper backpack that you love and it is not on our list, please e-mail your recommendations to  Thanks for visiting