The Top 3 Smart Watches for Kids (Review and Buyers Guide)

Should I buy my child a Smart Watch?

Kids today are all about the high tech gadgets, even little ones.  They see parents or older siblings with cool cell phones and watches and they want them too.  My two-year-old almost three-year-old has been wanting a smartwatch since she laid eyes on her grandfather’s Apple watch.  After doing some research, I found that they do have some really cool watches for young children.  Here is kidsplayandcreate’s list of the top three smartwatches for young children.

LeapFrog Leap Band

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To me, this is the best watch for really young kids.  It is recommended for ages 4-7, however, I think it is good for 2-5-year-olds.  This is a cute watch that encouraged active and imaginary play.  It’s more like a Fitbit for little kids rather than a tell time watch.

Main features:

Activity tracker:  The activity tracker is really cool.  The Leap Band is preloaded with 36 activity challenges for the kids.  These challenges are easy for little kids complete.  They are asked to pounce like a lion, wiggles like a worm, march-like an elephant etc…  When the kids complete the challenges they are rewarded with points that are used to unlock new pets and toys.

Promote Healthy Nutrition Habits: In the Pet Chef games, kids help their pet collect food to make healthy snacks and unlock nutrition facts.

Personalize a Pet- Kids get to pick 1 out 8  pets to take care of and nature on the watch

Water Resistant

Parental Controls

1GB memory

USB port

weight 5.6 ounces

Comes in Pink, Blue, and Green

Orbo Kids Smart Watch
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Orbo Kids SmartWatch is a great watch to introduce your child to learn about telling time.  This is more of a kids version of an adult watch than the Leap Frog Leap Band which is more of an activity tracker.  This watch is recommended for children ages 3-8.  In my opinion, kids are so advanced today that I wouldn’t buy it for children over 7.

Main Features:

Built-in tilt-able camera-  This is a really cool feature for those kids who like to take pictures and or video.  This watch also has the ability to save the pictures and videos that the kids take.
Displays both analog and digital time.  The penguin “Time Master” reads the hours and minutes aloud, so kids can learn to tell time.

Bluetooth enabled-  This is a cool feature.  The call has to be imitated from a phone, then it can be answered by the watch.  The watch call not dial out calls nor receive text messages.




16 different preloaded activities including photo effects and educational, reflex, music and mind games.  It also had a speech imitating hippo that will repeat what your child says.


Voice recorder

Pedometer- to track activity

The band is durable and easy to clean.

Splash proof, not waterproof.  It cannot be worn in the shower, bath or swimming.

Good battery life comes with a USB cable to charge.  For an additional price, you can get a wall adapter to charge in the wall.

1GB internal memory, but can be expanded to 32B

Weight 6.4 ounces

Comes in pink or blue

VTech Kidizoon DX Smart Watch
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This watch is very similar to the Orbo watch.  Both are really great watches.  The recommended age for this watch is 4-9, but again I really wouldn’t go over 7 or 8.

Main Features:

1/4 inch color touchscreen display

Camera- take pictures and record video

Video Recorder

Voice Recorder

USB port to transfer videos and photos

Splash Proof not waterproof-  Like the Orbo you cannot wear this watch in the bath, shower or to go swimming

Photo Effects- Built-in effects to add frames and fun fillers to your pictures






8 Games including action challenges and motion games.  You have the ability to download more at the Learning Lodge

The VTech Kidizoom DX SmartWatch comes in a variety of colors including blue, pink, vivid violet, camouflage, vivid violet with a floral wristband and red

What is a good age to get a child a smartwatch?

It is really dependent on the child.  If your child shows interest in other gadgets such as tablets or plays games on your cell phone they may be ready.  Watches are also small and can easily be lost.  If you have a child that is losing their toys often, you may want to wait awhile.  Also, if your child doesn’t like to have things on their wrist or gives you a hard time about wearing certain clothes they might not be ready for a watch.  If you have a very young child like two, you may want to stick to the LeapFrog Leap Band, it’s least expensive and it is more of an activity tracker than a watch.

Do any of the smartwatches for kids dial out?

None of the watches in this review can dial out.  The Flip 2 Smartwatch can dial out some programmed numbers and is available for people who have AT&T.

Can any of the smartwatches get wet?

Unfortunately, none of the smartwatches in this review can get wet.  They are all splash proof, but cannot be submerged in water.  That means that they cannot be worn in the bath, shower or to go swimming.

Should my child wear their smartwatch to school?

Once they receive the watch, your child will be anxious to show it off at school.  In my opinion, it’s probably not in their best interest to bring it to school.  This is for many reasons.  The biggest reason is that because of the pre-programmed activities installed on the watch.  They do makes a lot of different sounds and can be distracting to not only your child but other children in the class. Another big reason is that children lose things at school, especially young children.  Chances are if you send the watch to school with your child after a couple of days you may not see it anymore.  To avoid problems during the school day and on the bus, I’d advise leaving the watch home.  If your child wants to wear a watch to school, I’d recommend a regular kids watch.

Are kid smartwatches durable?

Yes, the three listed on this site are made from quality materials and won’t break easily.

Are kids smartwatches easy to use?

Yes,  All the smartwatches in this review are easy to navigate for young users.  All of them can be used by a 3-4-year-old.

In the high tech world that we live in, I think that young children would really enjoy having a smartwatch.  My daughter really enjoyed trying them out.  She told me that she felt cool like her older cousin.  After reviewing the watches I find that they are great for preschoolers-2nd or 3rd grade.  I think they would be a great Christmas or birthday gift.

Here are some other smartwatches available for purchase on Amazon.