Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Plate and Leaf Centerpiece Craft for Kids

This Thanksgiving turkey paper plate craft is fun and easy enough for children of all ages.  It makes a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner. Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own paper plate turkey using real leaves.




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Materials: about 10 leaves (depending on size) per child, 1 paper plate per child, glue, scissors, 1 toilet paper roll per child, crayons, optional googey eyes









Step 1:  You can either take the children outside to gather their own leaves or have leaves already available.  Each child will need around 10 large leaves more if their small.  This is a good time to talk to the children about the different colors leaves change during fall.  Check out Fall Facts for Kids.
Step 2:  Give each child one paper plate.  Have the children cut out the middle circle of the paper plate.  Only this part will be needed for the project.  If doing this with young child I recommend cutting out the circle for them.






Step 3:  Have the children position the leaves, then glue them around the plate.  The leaves should cover the entire plate.





Step 4:  Give each child a toilet paper roll.  Have the children color the roll to make it look like a turkey.  You can add googley eyes if you like.





Step 5:  Glue the toilet paper roll to the paper plate.  Make sure the toilet paper roll is slightly below the plate at the bottom so it can stand up.










You’re Done!  Enjoy your new turkey!