St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Hat for Kids St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

This St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock hat is fun and easy to make.  It’s a great day care or elementary school class activity.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your or St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Hat

Materials: green construction paper, scissors, tape (use can also use hot glue or a stapler), 2 green pipe cleaners things to decorate such as glitter, markers, crayons
 Step 1: Give each child 1 piece of green construction paper.







 Step 2: Fold the construction paper in half. 







 Step 3:  Cut the construction down the middle of the folded line.






  Step 4:  Tape, glue or staple the two pieces together.  Have the children decorate the green paper.  They can use glitter, crayons, markers etc… After the children are finished decorating measure around the children’s head then glue, tape or staple to ends together to make the hat.





 Step 5: Give each child two green pipe cleaners.  You can keep them straight or bend and curl them.  Tape, hot glue or staple them to the sides of the hat.





 Step 6: Cut out shamrocks from green construction paper.  Tape, hot glue or staple them to the top of the pipe cleaners.
 Your Done!  Enjoy you St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Hat!!stpathat8stpathat9