Spiderweb Halloween Party Snack

Spiderweb Halloween Party Snack for kids

Halloween is a ghoulishly fun Fall holiday. Halloween parties are especially fun. From cute to creepy costumes, activities, and food, something is exciting for all ages. Do you know what your next Halloween party needs? This delicious, creepy, spiderweb Halloween snack!

Spiderweb Halloween Snack for kids

This spiderweb Halloween snack is a little bit creepy and a lot cute. They are a must-have at your next Halloween party. This spiderweb snack is easy to make and is a great snack at a classroom Halloween party or at home. Add some cellophane and some ribbon and you got a cute party favor.

I made these at home with my children ages 4 and 8. They loved helping me make them when they weren’t eating them! This Halloween Spiderweb treat is everything you want in a Halloween treat. It’s sweet, salty, and has a great crunch!

My daughter loved them so much she asked me to make them for all her friends!

Check out the easy-to-follow steps below to create your own spiderweb Halloween snack.

This Halloween spiderweb snack will be a hit at your next Halloween party.

Not having a party, no problem. They are easy to make to hand out to your child’s class.


Pretzel sticks thin (we used Rold Gold)

White chocolate to melt (we mixed the store brand white chocolate chips and Nestlé Funfetti vanilla cake morsels). You can also use white microwave chocolate usually found in the produce aisle.

M&M’s 3-4 for each spiderweb. We used the Halloween colors green, orange, brown, and red.

Black writing gel or black cookie icing

Optional: Silver, black, or purple edible cake glitter


Parchment paper

Plastic quart-size bag

Glass cup to place quart size bag in

Spoon to mix chocolate

Optional chocolate maker

Spiderweb Halloween snack

Step 1

I started by throwing a mix of white chocolate and Funfetti chocolate in my chocolate maker. I love using chocolate makers, it makes melting chocolate a breeze. If you don’t have a chocolate maker no problem. I suggest using the white microwave chocolate found in the produce aisle for dipping fruit. You can also make a double boiler by boiling water in one pot and then adding chocolate in a second pot that you can hold on top of the pot with the boiling water.

Mix your chocolate regularly.

Pro tip: if your chocolate is thick turn down the heat and add a little vegetable oil. Do not add water.

Step 2

Lay a piece of parchment paper on the table. Arrange 12-15 of your small thin pretzels around in a circle.

Step 3

Place the quart-size plastic bag inside a glass cup.

Add your chocolate into the bag. The chocolate will be hot. You can let it rest for a couple of minutes before picking up the plastic bag or use an oven mitt.

Step 4

Squeeze chocolate to the bottom of the plastic bag and over to one corner. Cut the tip of the corner. Make sure you only Cut the very end of the tip or the chocolate will come out too fast.

Step 5

Squeeze chocolate out in the middle of the pretzel circle, then squeeze chocolate around and around the circle starting from the middle

Step 6

Place 3-4 M&M’s around the web. Use the black writing icing or cookie icing to make spider legs. Let dry completely before picking them up for faster drying place parchment paper with spiderwebs in the freezer.

Spiderweb Halloween party snack

Feeling Creative?

To make these spiderweb snacks pop add some silver or purple edible cake glitter on the white chocolate.

For extra creepy spiderweb, add some black edible cake glitter

To make your spiders come alive add some candy eyeballs found in the baking aisle.

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