Are you looking for fun, interesting creative writing topics for 2nd grade?  look no further we have you covered with the best creative writing topics for 2nd graders. As an educator, you play an important role in the creative development of the children that you work with.  In this digital world we live in, it […]

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If you work with children in an extracurricular activity such as a sport, dance, club, etc., it’s hard to run your regular program during this quarantine time. It may be challenging, but not impossible. Children need us now more than ever. Luckily we live in a digital era where it’s easy to connect using programs

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Funny Drawing Prompts for Kids

Drawing is an excellent way for children to express themselves. They can tell how they are feeling and what they are thinking in a drawing. Funny drawing prompts can be used as icebreakers and can help children with communication. Drawing is also a perfect way for children to communicate. They may not fully express themselves

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Let’s face it, it’s not always easy being a kid.  As adults, we have to remember this.  Kids go through many stressful activities throughout the course of their day.  Worrying about fitting in, not doing well on a test, feeling not as smart as the other kids, getting picked last in gym, peer pressure from

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It’s important that kids learn to work together. Working  together  helps kids develop and improve important skills such cooperation, communication and teamwork.  Try some of these team builder games below. Partner Sit and Stand Materials: None optional blind folds, scarfs Put all the players in groups of two. Have each pair stand back to back and

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