Sardines Kids Game

Sardines is a fun game to play at a birthday party or when you have a group of kids.  It’s like hide and seek with a twist. It’s easy enough for young children to play.  I recommend it for ages 5 and to play with at least 5 children.


  1. One child is chosen to be the “Sardine”.
  2. All of the other children stand together with their backs turned toward the “Sardine” and count to 100.
  3. While the children are counting the “Sardine” runs and hides.
  4. When the children reach 100 they have to search for the “Sardine” when they find the “Sardine” they have to hide with them.
  5. As each child finds the “Sardine” they must squeeze into hiding spot.
  6. The game ends when the last child finds the “Sardine’s” hiding spot.
  7. The first person to find the “Sardine’s hiding spot is the next person to be the “Sardine”

The kids really have fun with this game.  They think it’s funny trying to squeeze into the  hiding spot.