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Redhead Facts for Kids

If you have red hair, then you are special. Did you know that only 2% of the entire world’s population has red hair? If you have red hair and blue eyes, then you’re really special because less than 1% of the entire world has blue eyes and red hair. Keep reading to learn more redhead facts for kids.

What is a Redhead?

A redhead is a person born with red, reddish color hair or has hair with a red tint.  You do not have to have bright red hair to be considered a redhead.

How did I get red hair?

Red hair can occur in any area of the world and in any ethnic group however it appears most often in people from more Northern regions of the world such as the U.K, Ireland, and the U.S
A child is born with red hair when both parents have a mutation in the melanocortin 1 receptor called the MC1R gene.

Where a People with Red Hair From?

People with red hair can be born anywhere in the world.  A child born with red hair can occur in all nationalities.  Ireland has the highest population of people with red hair. 

People living in tropical climates are less likely to have natural red hair.

Facts About Red Hair

People with red hair typically have thicker hair then people born with blonde or brown hair. Redheads have thicker strands of hair, but they tend to have less hair.  You would like be able to tell that red heads have less strands of hair because it is thicker.  Redheads have around 90,000 strands of hair where as people with blonde hair have 140,000 strands.

Are Redheads Sensitive?

Redheads tend to be more sensitive to pain.  This is because the gene that causes red hair is directly linked to the pain receptors in our bodies.  Redheads usually need more anesthesia for surgical or dental procedures.

People with red hair are also more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

Redheads are also more likely to get skin cancer because of they often have fair skin.  Make sure you wear your sunscreen!

Redheads are also more likely to get stung by a bee!

Red Hair Fun Facts

Redheads are more likely to be left-handed.  Since left-handed people tend to be more creative, redheads are usually creative people.

A bonus to having red hair is that your hair will not go grey.  The red color fades to white or a nice rose gold.   

Redheads typically do not have blue eyes.  Less than 1% of the world’s population have red hair and blue eyes.  Most redheads have brown or hazel eyes.

You stand out in a good way.  Redheads are usually told “I love your hair” more than any other hair color.  Proudly show off your beautiful red hair.

Redheads are sometimes referred to as gingers.

The fear of redheads is called gingerphobia. 

Famous Redheads

Jessica Rabbit from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Prince Harry

Lucille Ball from I Love Lucky

Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Merida from Disney’s Brave

Shaun White Olympic Gold Medalist

Ron Howard Director/Actor

Princess Fiona from Shrek

Annie from the Movie Annie “the sun will come out tomorrow…”

Lois Griffin from Family Guy

Kim Possible from Kim Possible

Wilma Flintstone from the Flintstones

Daphne from Scooby Doo

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Actor Modern Family

Claire Danes Actress Homeland

Reba Actress, Singer/Songwriter

Conan O’Brien Late Night T.V Host

Julianne Moore Actress

Nicole Kidman Actress