Recycled Lid Snowman Craft for Kids

Recycled snowman ornament

Every time I finish a jar of pickles, I clean out the jar with great expectations that I am going to use it for something.  Unfortunately, I never do; sadly, it sits there until I throw it away.

I was happy to see that my local library offered a class for my daughter and me, and the only thing I needed to bring was a glass jar lid. We have plenty of those!

My daughter and I were extremely excited to attend the class.  We love making crafts together.  I also work with children, so I am always on the lookout for new ideas.

During the class, participants turned their jar lid into a snowman.  It was an easy process and fun for all ages.  You could paint your snowman however you liked.  We also glued ribbon on the lid so it could hang.

They are great to make for winter decorations. The snowman was an adorable craft and looked great in our kitchen window.   They are also a great gift for grandparents, caregivers, and loved ones.  They would brighten up anyone’s day.

Follow the directions below to make a jar-lid snowman


Jar lid

Acrylic paint: we used white, black, and orange.  Please remember that acrylic paint will stain clothes.  Make sure children wear old clothes or a smock.


Hot Glue Gun- please remember that only adults should use a hot glue gun

Paint Brush

Optional Sponge paintbrush


Step 1: The first thing you are going to do is wash and dry your jar lid.  You want to make sure that the lid is completely dry before painting it.

Step 2: Paint the jar lid white.  We used a sponge brush and dabbed the paint on.  We did this so it would look more like snow.  If you do not have a sponge brush you can cut a piece off a sponge that you are no longer using and create your own.  If you do not have a sponge brush or sponge, simply paint the lid using a regular paint brush.

Step 3:  Let your paint dry.  This is important.  If your white paint is not dry, the color will start to come off as you are painting on the snowman’s face.

Step 4:Once your white paint is dry.  Using the black and orange paint, paint a face on your snowman.  Children have the opportunity to be creative here.  Let them use their imagination to create a snowman face.  Let dry.

recycled snowman Christmas ornament

Step 5: Once your snowman is dry, glue a ribbon to the back to allow you to hang your snowman.  You can also make a bow to put on your snowman.