Recycled Bottle Outdoor Bowling Game for Kids Fun Earth Day Activity for Kids

Bowling is traditionally played in a bowling alley but who says you can’t bowl at home. This at home bowling game is fun and can be played with children of any age. This bowling game is played with empty soda or juice bottles.  It’s a great Earth Day Activity, Camp Activity, School Activity or something fun to do at home with the kids.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own bowling alley.
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Materials: 8-10 Empty Plastic Soda Bottles, Ball (kickball, soccer ball or volleyball) optional you can decorate your bottles by painting them, adding stickers or glitter.  Make sure the bottles are fully dry before playing.
To Play
Step 1: Line up bottles into rows (same as bowling)
Step 2: Have each child roll the ball into the bottles to knock them down.
Play with the same rules as bowling
*kids play and create tip:
1.  Add water or sand to the bottles for older children.  The more water added, the harder it is to knock them down.
2. Paint the bottles and write numbers on them.  Play different way by adding the numbers on the bottles knocked down.  Person with the most points wins.
Bowling facts for kids 
A strike is when the bowler knocks down all 10 bowling pins.
3 strikes in a row is called a turkey.
300 is a perfect game of bowling.
There are 10 frames in a bowling game.
Bowling is played with 10 pins, in Canada they also play with 5 pins.
A spare is when it takes the bowler two balls to knock down all 10 pins.