Rainbow Pancakes Fun Breakfast Food for Kids – St. Patrick’s Day Foods

Have you ever had a rainbow for breakfast?  Well, now you can with rainbow pancakes!  Rainbow pancakes are easy to make and are a great breakfast for St. Patrick’s Day, a child’s birthday, sleepover party breakfast or any morning when your feeling creative.  Kids love to help make and eat rainbow pancakes.
Ingredients: pancake mix, food coloring




Step 1:  The first thing you’re going to do is make the pancake batter according to the directions. I used 1 cup of pancake mix to make silver dollar pancakes in the 7 colors of the rainbow.





Step 2:  Once the batter is make you’re going to separate it into 7 small bowls.  I used child size cereal bowls.


Step 3: Now your going to add a couple of drops of different color food coloring in each bowl.  This is the perfect time to teach the kids about mixing colors.  Most food coloring packages come with red, blue, green and yellow.  You can show the kids that if you mix yellow and red you will get orange and red and blue make purple.


Step 4: Cook the pancakes how you normally would.  Then stack them in order of the colors of the rainbow.  Roy G. BIV  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.



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