Positive Notes Game Self-Esteem Character Building Activity for Kids

This is a great game with a surprise at the end. It is recommended for pre-teens and teens.  Since children are paired up an even amount of people works best.

Materials:   tape, paper, pens

Have the children sit in two circles, an outer and inner.  Have the children in the outer circle face the children in the inner circle.   Everyone should be sitting across from a partner.

To set up the game give each child a piece of paper, pen and a piece of tape.  Have the children write their name on the top of the paper.  Have the children with help from their partner tape the piece of paper on their backs.  When everyone have a paper taped to their back you are ready to play.


Have the children sitting in the outer circle go first.  Give them one minute to tell their partner something positive about themselves such as something  their good at, proud of, how they are a good friend etc… at the end of the minute have their partner write one positive word about the speaker on the paper that is taped to their back. Have them switch roles and have the listener speak and repeat. When each partner has gone have the outer circle move one seat to the left and the inner circle move one seat to the right.  Repeat the game.

When everyone has been paired up with several partners have the kids take the papers off their backs and read to themselves all the positive words their peers had to say about them.