Penny Shine

This is a great science experiment for young children.

Below are two ways to make the penny shiny.  One with lemon juice and then you can repeat the same steps and replace the lemon juice with hot sauce.  Children can compare which way the penny gets shinier and which way does it faster.  Children can also compare  which type  of hot sauce gets the penny shinier


Materials needed: Lemon Juice, Dull Penny, Cup

  1. Place the penny in a cup
  2. Cover the penny with lemon juice
  3. Wait 5-10 minutes
  4. Wipe the penny with a piece of paper towel
  5. The penny will appear much shiner
















Penny’s start to look dull over time because the penny is made out of copper the copper mixes with the oxygen and oxides the penny causing it to look dull.  The acid in the lemon juice removes the oxide and makes the penny shiny again.

This experiment can also be done with a strong hot sauce.  Repeat the same steps as above but replace the lemon juice with the hot sauce.  It usually takes between 15-20 minutes to get the same results as the lemon juice.

cleaning with hot sause