Paper Miniature Golf Game

This is a fun game that kids can create and play themselves.  It’s easy to set up and can be played just about anywhere.

Materials: Washable Markers, Paper


2 or more players needed

Step 1: Have kids draw a golf hole on paper. Include the golf green, hole and the flag .  Draw the hole toward one corner of the page. opposite the hole draw a golf tee. 


Step 2: The first child to go picks a color marker and hold it on the golf tee, with their eyes closed they have to try to draw a line from the tee to the hole. The second player repeats this step with thier own color.  The child who is furthest from the hole starts again from where their line ended.  Keep score by counting how many strokes it takes to get in the hole. Lowest amount of points wins.

Play and Create tip:

Get creative, have the kids design the golf course by adding obstacles such as water, sand pit, trees etc… Use a different piece of paper for each hole.