Painting without Using Paint! Salt Paint Easy Craft Project for Kids

Getting bored of the usual painting craft?  Add a twist to regular the regular painting activity by using salt.
Why use traditional paints when you can use salt!  
Try this activity to create fun art work.
Salt Paint Recipe
Materials: Salt, food coloring
Step 1: Pour 1/4 cup salt into bowl (I used paper for easy clean up)
Step 2: Add 4 drops of food coloring to the sand and mix until all the sand is colored. Add more food coloring if needed. Repeat this step with each color you use.

Using your salt paint:

Materials: Paper, Glue, Paintbrush, Salt Paint, Paperplate

Step 1: Have your child draw a picture

Step 2: Pour some liquid glue onto a paperplate

Step 3: Using a paint brush paint glue on desired area of picture that your child would like to be colored.

Step 4: Shake salt paint over glue