National Nutrition Month Healthy Snacks, Fun Activities and Tips

March is National Nutrition Month!


We at kidsplayandcreate want to support this great campaign to make better food choices and become more active by sharing ideas with you. Below you will find exercise activities, healthy snacks and tips for you and your little ones.

Healthy Snacks

We at support Chobani’s #ChobaniKids campaign to make better food choices.  Below you will find some Chobani inspired snacks to support healthy eating.  Try some of these delicious recipes below.  Don’t forget to check out Chobani Tots and Chobani Kids for more healthy eating at

Chobani Yogurt Parfait– Layer Chobani yogurt and fruits in a clear plastic cup. Top with a little bit of whipped cream.

Chobani with Waffles – Spread a thin layer of Chobani yogurt on a waffle. Top with slices of bananas.

Chobani Yogurt Covered Puffs – Cover Gerber Puffs with yogurt. Place in the freezer until they harden. Serve.

Chobani Yogurt Chips – Place a zip-locked bag in a cup. Pour yogurt into the zip-locked bag. Take the zip-locked bag out of the cup and snip off the corner with a scissor. Over a parchment covered baking pan squeeze out quartered sized circles of the yogurt. Freeze until harden. Peel off of the parchment paper and enjoy.

Kids Pizza- Ingredients-Light Whole Wheat English Muffin, pizza sauce, part-skim mozzarella cheese, red pepper. Take the English Muffin and spread on a thin layer of pizza sauce. Sprinkle on some of the mozzarella cheese. Top with finely chopped peppers. Optional: Place the pieces of pepper onto the English Muffin into the shape of a smiley face. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.




Baked Apples with Cinnamon- Slice apples, place them on a baking sheet, top with cinnamon, bake for 30 mins on 350.

Apple Pancakes- Ingredients: Complete Pancake Mix and apple slices. Make the complete pancake mix using half the amount of water. Your batter needs to be a little thicker than for traditional pancakes. Place apple slices in the batter, cover completely. Place on skillet cook both sides until golden brown color, enjoy.


Healthy Eating Tips

Look at nutrition labels with your child. Compare the labels of similar foods to see which ones are healthier i.e have less fats, sugar, cholesterol and lower in sodium

Cut out sugary drinks and replace with water. Some juice contains just as much sugar as soda.

Replace unhealthy snacks with yogurt such as Chobani Tots or Kids.

Canned Vegetables- If you are using canned vegetables rinse them first. Pour the can into a strainer and rinse with water. This will cut out a lot of the sodium content.

Try to set scheduled eating times. This will help with over snacking.

Wait before seconds- If your child wants more to eat have them wait 5-10 minutes. It takes time before your brain processes being full.

Try not to use food as a reward or to feel better. I know this can be hard, but it’s beneficial in developing healthy eating habits. You don’t want your child to relate to food to comfort.

Get Active – Exercise Ideas

Toddler Exercise 12mths-2

Bubble Time- kids love bubbles. Blow some bubbles and watch your toddler run around trying to catch and pop them.





I’m gonna get you – Say to your toddler “I’m gonna get you” and chase them around, this is a fun exercise for you and them.

ABC Jumps – Jump around singing the ABC’s.

Explorer- Have your toddler walk around and explore a new area. It could be the backyard, a room in the house, park, library etc.. Everything is so new to them, they will love walking around checking out something different.

Animal Imitations- Tell your little one to walk like a monkey or waddle like a penguin. They’ll have so much fun acting like an animal.

Dance Around – Put some music on and dance around with your toddler.

Bull Fighter – Hold their small blanket up and wave around like a bull fighter. Chances are they run right through it. Not only is this good exercise for your toddler, it is funny to watch.

Catch-Throw soft ball back and forth.

Young Children 3-6

ABC Jumping Jacks – Sing the ABC’s while doing jumping jacks.

Active Simon Says– Play Simon Says asking them to jump, do sit-ups, jumping jacks, run in place, dance, spin etc…

Dance Party– Dance around with your child.

Playground Fun – Run around and play on the playground.

Catch-Throw a ball back and forth.

Obstacle Course- Make an obstacle course, have the children jump through, walk under, climb etc.. different objects. Inside you can use pillows, blankets, couch cushions and toys around the house. Outside you can use the playground or different objects found around the yard.

Tricycle- Walk with your child as they ride their tricycle or ride with them

Older Children 7 and up

Zumba- Follow along with a Zumba Video on Youtube or if your child likes video games many video game consoles make Zumba video games.

Aerobics Instructor or Gym Teacher– Have your child be the Aerobics Instructor or Gym Teacher and have them do the exercise and you follow along.

Nerf Fight- If you own Nerf Guns, this can be very fun and good exercise

Dance around while cleaning

Outside Activities

Walk- Go for a walk after dinner.

Jump Rope



Ride bikes


Play catch