What Can I do for Mom on Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day Crafts and Ideas for Kids


Mother’s Day is a special day when we celebrate everything our mother’s do for us everyday throughout the year.  Try some of these Mother’s Day crafts and ideas below:



1. What mother doesn’t like flowers?  Make her a Mother’s Day flower or bouquet that will last all year.  Try this tissue paper flower project.
Tissue Paper Flower
Tissue Paper Flower


2. Handprint with a poem:  Have the child copy a poem or it their too young to write, write the poem for them and place their handprint next to or underneath the poem. You can write your own poem or get one on-line.
Sample Poem: this poem was on a craft from Oriental Trading


Everyday I am exploring Touching everything I’ve found I leave behind my little marks and handprints all around.

You clean up those handprints But someday when I’m grown You’ll wish you had just one Handprint to keep for your own.

I made this handprint for you So that one day when I am tall You’ll remember what my hand looked like Long ago when it was small.

 3.  All About Mom Collage – Use a piece of poster board or large piece of construction paper.  Have the child write, draw pictures or cut out pictures of everything their mom likes and  things they love about their mom.


4. Mom Portrait – Have the child draw a picture of their mom on a piece of paper.


5. I Love Mommy Caterpillar-  Cut several circles for the child to glue together to make a caterpillar. One the first circle have the child draw a face on the caterpillar.  One all the other circles have the child paste pictures of themselves or pictures of mother and child.  If you don’t have pictures have the child draw special memories of them with their mom in each circle.


6. Mother’s Day Card-  All moms love to receive special cards made with love from their children.


7. Mother’s Day Plaque made out of clay.  Try using the salt clay recipe found on this web-site.  Give each child a piece of clay.  Let the child make a circle out of the clay (you can also use cookie cutters to make a shape).  Have the child paint on the circle a picture for their mom.  Let dry overnight.


8. Clay Handprint and footprint- This works great with babies and toddler because of their small hands and feet.


Handprint/footprint Keepsake
Handprint/footprint Keepsake



9. Picture frame made out of craft sticks

picture frame





10.  Make mom a bracelet or necklace our of beads
11. Photo Collage Click Here







12. Pot Holder- Get a plain pot holder and add your child’s handprint or footprint



13. Tree of Hearts hand print crafthand6


Ideas Kids can do for Mom on Mother’s Day

  1. Make her breakfast in bed (remember never use a stove/oven without adult supervision) try making toast, cereal, oatmeal
  2. Chore Coupons – Make mom coupons with chores to help around the house.  Mom has the power to trade them in at anytime!  Try wash dishes, sweep or mop floor, clean bathroom, clean your room, make mom’s bed, vacuum
  3. Wash your mom’s car, this is always fun
  4. Go for a walk with mom in the park or around your neighborhood
  5. Make up a song and dance and perform for mom
  6. Make mom a bubble bath
  7. Polish mom’s nails
  8. Plant flowers with mom
  9. Give mom a facial or a spa day, check out spa recipes for kids
  10. Bake cookies or cupcakes with mom
  11. Go for a bike ride with mom
  12. Take pictures with mom, you can do this every Mother’s Day.  Get a photo book and each year add new pictures of you and your mom on Mother’s Day.