Mosaic Toddler Easter Egg Craft Easy Toddler Easter Crafts

This is a cute and easy Easter craft to do with toddlers. You can do it in a day care, pre-school or at home with your little one. I did this project with my 15 month old and she loved it. The set up was easy and it only took about 15 minutes to complete. Follow the step-by-step directions below to create your own Easter egg craft.


Materials: different colored construction paper, glue stick, scissors, marker



Step 1: Draw an Easter Egg shape on a piece of construction paper.





Step 2: Cut out squares from different colored construction paper. You can also use tissue paper.





Step 3: Help your toddler glue the squares onto the Easter Egg. You can either put the glue in the center of the Easter egg and let your toddler fill it in with the squares. Another option is to help them glue the individual squares on. I let my child glue each square on. When she was finished I glued the rest of the squares on to fill in the egg.  If you are feeling creative you can always add a little glitter glue!