Marshmallow Building Fun Activity for Kids of All Ages

I did this activity in a summer camp program that I run.  The camp is for ages 5-17 and often times it’s hard to find a group activity that everyone enjoys.  This Marshmallow building activity was a big hit with everyone.  It was easy enough for the little kids and the big kids really got into creating architectural structures.  It was a great activity.


Supplies: Mini Marshmallows you can use white and colored (get extra because the kids will eat them while they are creating), tooth picks, paper plates

I worked with a group of 40 kids.  I purchased 8 bags of marshmallows and had about 900 toothpicks.  They used almost everything.


Step 1: Give each child a paper plate to build on.

Step 2: Hand out the marshmallows and toothpicks and let them create.