Make your own Paper Mache, Plaster of Paris


Easy Paper Mache Recipes

You can make endless projects using paper mache. It’s also easy enough to be used by children of all ages.  Of course you can spend money and buy some at the store, but before you do  check out one of these recipes below.  Most of the ingredients you probably have already at home.  So get ready to get a little messy and have fun with paper mache.

Recipe 1:

Materials: 1 cup warm water about 100 degrees, 2 cups flour, bowl and spatula 

Step 1: Combine 1 cup of warm water with 2 cups of flour

Step 2: Mix together until smooth with no lumps it will look like a paste

Step 3: Use right away to create projects.  Do not let the mixture cool or it will not work


Recipe 2:

Materials: 2-3 cups warm water about 100 degrees, 2 cups white glue, bowl spatula 

Step 1: combine 1 cup warm water with 2 cups white glue and mix well

Step 2: Add in more water while continuing to mix

Step 3: Continue to add water while mixing until you have a soupy mixture

Step 4: Use to create projects, will take longer to dry then the above recipe

I have tried both recipes and store bought.  Out of the three I have tried, recipe 2 wins.

How to create a paper mache project

If you are a newcomer to paper mache, the easiest way to begin is to start with balloon projects.  Simply blow you a balloon.  dip strips of newspaper into the paper mache mixture and place all over the balloon. You can cover the entire balloon or do half and make a bowl.  Once the paper mache is completely dry (Let dry overnight).  You can paint and create a masterpiece.