Magical Unicorn Facts and Coloring Pages for Kids

Do you love unicorns? If so, then you are in the right place. Unicorns are mythical creatures. They are kind of similar to a horse but way cooler. If you want to learn magical, and awesome facts about unicorns or would love to print out and color a unicorn, check out these Magical Unicorn Facts and Coloring Pages for Kids.

What are Unicorns?

Unicorns are mystical creatures. The word unicorn means One Horn. Unicorns are mystical creatures. Many stories, myths, and legends mention unicorns. The first stories about unicorns date all the way back to 2700BC They are the official national animal of Scotland. In mythology, unicorns have been a symbol of power and innocence.

Did you know that unicorns have their own holiday? National unicorn day is celebrated on April 9th.

What does a Unicorn Look Like?

Unicorns look like a cross between a horse and a narwhal. Their bodies are shaped like a horse and they have a horn growing out the middle of their forehead like a narwhal.

Some say that unicorns are beautiful. They are described as having a white body with blue, pink, purple, or rainbow-colored mane and tail. Unicorns have four legs and long tails. They can have blue, brown, or green eyes.

A unicorn’s horn is white, sometimes gold.

A unicorn is between 5-5.5 feet tall and weighs between 200-300 tall

Are Unicorns Magical?

Are unicorns magical? That is a good question. The answer is yes of course they are magical. Unicorn horns absorb light and energy from the sun. The light and energy turn into magic inside the horn. It is believed that unicorns have the power to heal people with their horns.

Where do Unicorns Live?

Unicorns live in enchanted forests all over the world. They are very difficult to see. They stay hidden from humans, afraid if they are caught they will be forced to use their magical powers for evil.

Unicorns are social creatures and live in groups called teams. A mother unicorn, father, children, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all live in a team.

What do Unicorns Eat?

Unicorns love to eat grasses, fruits, and berries from the enchanted forests. They drink water from the magical ponds and streams within the forests.

Can Unicorns Fly?

Unicorns cannot fly and do not have wings. Winged horses in mythology are called Pegasus.

Baby Unicorns

Like a horse, a baby unicorn is called a foal. Foals are dependent on their mothers when they are born. Unicorns are mammals. A baby unicorn will drink milk from its mother for several months, and it will start eating grass, berries, and fruits.

Baby unicorns can walk a couple of hours after birth. They are born with a tiny little horn, as the baby grows the horn will grow. When the baby is born its horn has no magic. The magic will come when the baby is 2 years old.

A mother unicorn is very protective of her children. Her children stay with her forever.

Unicorn Characteristics

Unicorns are social animals and live in groups called teams. A unicorn’s entire family lives in the team.

Unicorns are very playful. Children play games such as hide-n-seek, catch, and freeze tag every day. Unicorns also like to make art. They smash berries up with their feet to make paint and paint tree trunks with their friends.

On rainy days unicorns look for rainbows. Unicorns love chasing rainbows.

Unicorns love how humans think they are so cool. Unicorns have good self-esteem and love to make people feel good about themselves. They think they are awesome creatures.

Unicorns love how children wear clothes with unicorns on them and unicorn accessories. They like to believe that if a child takes a little bit of unicorn with them if they are feeling down all they have to do is look in the mirror and say I’m awesome like a unicorn!

Free Printable Unicorn Coloring Pages for Kids

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