Letter’s to the North Pole Mailbox Ideas, Letters to Santa Mailbox

Kids love writing letter’s to Santa.  Since Santa is a magical guy his letter’s need to be sent in a magical mailbox.  This North Pole mailbox is fun and easy to make.  It’s a great holiday addition to any classroom, day care or even home.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own North Pole mailbox



Materials: wrapping paper ( I used two types), wrapping paper roll, cardboard box, tape sicssors, hot glue, cotton balls, green puffy paint or marker





Step 1:  Cut off  the two the inside flaps of the cardbord box.  These ares going to be used for the North Pole Sign. Save for later.
Step 2: Tape closed box and cut a hole at the top for the letters to go through.
Step 3:  Wrap the cardboard box with wrapping paper. Poke a hole through the top of the box where you made the hole for the letters and cut it out.
Step 4: Cut one of the inside flaps in half and hot glue it to the one of the top corner’s of the box.  This will be the base to glue the sign on. Wrap the other flap with wrapping paper, this one will be your sign.
Step 5: Write North Pole in green puffy paint or a green marker on the wrapped flap.  You can also add glitter to jazz it up.
Step 6: Cut the wrapping paper tube in half or cut it to the lenght you want the sign to be.  Wrap it  with wrapping paper.
Step 7:  Hot glue the wrapped North Pole sign to the wrapping paper tube.
Step 8: Hot glue the sign to the cardboard base on your box.
Step 9: Glue spread out cotton balls to the base and top of your sign so it looks like snow.
All finished!