Leprechaun Hat Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

 This leprechaun hat pot of gold craft is a great project do with kids in a classroom, day care St. Patrick’s Day party or anytime.  They make cute table decorations.  Follow the step-by-step directions below to make your own Leprechaun Hat Pot of Gold.

 Materials: green, black, yellow construction paper, liquid glue, tape, tissue paper, cotton balls (4-5 per child), gold glitter, paper cup or throw away container, , piece of paper towel or paper plate optional plastic spoons (for dipping cotton balls)
Variation: Instead of using green construction paper to make the top of the hat you can use a toilet paper roll and paint it green



Step 1: The first thing your going to do is cut a green sheet of construction paper in half.  Use the other half to cut out a circle.  When I did this project with the kids I pre-cut all the paper and handed them out.
Step 2: Have the children roll the green piece of construction paper into a cylinder and secure with a piece of tape. Glue the cylinder to the middle of the green circle.
Step 3: This is the messy but fun part. You can do this as part of the prep for the project or if your brave you can give each child a paper cup and have them do this part themselves. Add liquid glue and gold glitter to a paper cup.  If the kids are doing this part them selves give them each 4-5 cotton balls to dip in the mixture.  Make sure the entire cotton ball is covered with the glitter glue mixture.
Step 4: Place the cotton balls on a paper plate or piece of paper towel to dry.
Step 5: Cut one strip from your black piece of construction paper and glue it around your hat.  Then cut a small square from your yellow construction paper to make the belt buckle and glue it over the black strip. Put some tissue paper inside the hat as filler.  Then add your gold (cotton balls).  Your done! Enjoy your pot of gold!