Kids Make Valentine’s Day Candy House Easy Valentine’s Day Activity for Kids

Candy houses are not just for Christmas!  This Valentine’s Day Candy House is a fun and easy activity for kids.  Only a couple of ingredients are needed so it’s perfect for a school classroom activity, Valentine’s Day party or just something fun to do at home with the kids. Follow the directions below to create your own Valentine’s Day Candy House!


Materials: 7 3-inch round cookies (any kind, I used chocolate chip you can also make your own),1 Keebler waffle bowl (found in the ice cream cone section of supermarket), 1 container of whipped white icing, 1 rectangle cracker (optional) red  food coloring, conversation hearts, M&M’s (you can use any small candy to decorate), sprinkles, bowl, spoon, butter or plastic knife








Step 1: The first thing your going to do is stack your cookies one on top of the other.  While stacking you’re going to put a layer of white icing between the cookies to help them stick together.







Step 2: Put a couple of spoonfuls of the white frosting in the bowl. Add a small amount of red food coloring to the frosting to get a nice pink color. Mix until the color is even.








Step 3: Using a butter or plastic knife spread the pink icing around the stack of cookies.



Step 4: Place the Keebler waffle bowl faced down on top of the stack of cookies.




Step 5: Add some more white frosting to the bowl of pink frosting.  Pour some more red food coloring in the bowl to get a deeper pink or red color.



Step 6: Using a butter or plastic knife gently spread the icing all around the waffle bowl.







Step 7:  Now its time to decorate the house! You can add frosting to the rectangle cracker and stick it to the front of house to make a door. Add candies around roof and rest of the house.
Be creative and have fun!house2