Kids Make Cupcake Tiers in a Jar Cute Valentine’s Gift for Teachers

This cupcake in a jar Valentine’s Day treat is a perfect gift for teachers or loved ones from kids.  They are easy to make  and fun to decorate.  This also makes a great activity at a Valentine’s Day party or any kids party.

Made by Thalia age 8

Made by Thalia age 8


Ingredients:  Cake mix,  food coloring of your choice, frosting (I choose white than added food coloring), sprinkles

Other Materials:  cupcake wrappers, plastic sandwich bags or pastry bag, jar with lid or large cup and plastic wrap with rubber band, scissor, optional tissue paper and ribbon for wrapping


Follow the easy steps below to make your own cupcake tier in a jar!


Step 1:  Make the cupcakes according to cake mix directions or make your own from scratch.

Step 2: Add food coloring to the mixture. Tip if you want multiple cupcake colors divide cupcake batter and add a different food coloring  to each of the batters.







Step 3: Pour cupcake batter into the individual wrappers and bake according to the directions.

Step 4: If you do not have a pastry bag you can make your own by using plastic sandwich bags. Add some frosting to sandwich bag (you’ll need 1 bag for each color you want).  Add a couple drops of food coloring to the frosting, close bag and mush the frosting around until color is blended.  If you don’t want different colored frosting just place some frosting into sandwich bag. Move frosting over to one side of the bag and snip the corner off with a scissor.







Step 5: Take cupcakes out of oven and let them cool completely, at least 30 minutes.  If you are in a hurry place cupcakes in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Step 6: Unwrap 4 cupcakes (if you have a taller jar or cup you may need a couple more) and cut the tops off.







Step 7:  Place one of the bottom pieces of the cupcake in you jar or cup than add frosting and repeat.  Keep layering the cupcakes and frosting until you get close to the top. Use one of the cupcake tops for the last cupcake add the frosting than sprinkles.







Step 8: Secure the top of the jar with the lid or if using a cup place a piece of plastic wrap over the cup and secure with a rubber band.







Step 9: Lay a piece of tissue paper on the table.  Place your cup or jar on top of the tissue paper. Pull the tissue paper up around the jar/cup and tie a ribbon around it.


Your done! Enjoy!