Kids in the Kitchen: Egg-cellent Breakfast

Eggs are a great breakfast option for kids.  This Egg-cellent breakfast is a fun meal to make and easy enough for kids to make on their own (with adult supervision).

Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 piece of bread, cookie cutter shape, non stick cooking  spray, cheese ( I used string cheese so kids can pull apart as an extra step), optional salt and pepper, pan


Step 1: Slight toast a piece of bread. While the bread is toasting place pan on stove on medium heat.  Spray with non stick cooking spray.






Step 2: Use cookie cutter to cut the center of the bread.  Make sure the cookie cutter shape is big enough to fit the egg inside. Save the cut out piece for later.






Step 3: Place toasted bread in pan.  Crack egg over the bread so the egg falls in the place where the cookie cutter shape is.






Step 4: Add cheese and over egg with the piece of bread that was cut out.






Step 5:  Flip egg over so the other side cooks, depending on how cooked you like your eggs.






Step 6: Enjoy!