Fun ideas on How to Keep Kids Entertained

All parents and caregivers have heard it before “I’m bored”  and “there is nothing to do.” We dread these words because kids are going to look to us to give them something to do. Out of ideas, don’t know what to do? Have no fear kids play and create is here and we’ve come up with a list of great ideas and activities on how to keep kids entertained.
  1. Kids in the kitchen: Kids love to help out in the kitchen. On we have a lot of simple recipes where kids can do most of the cooking.
  2. Make an obstacle course:  This can be done inside and outside.  Inside- move the furniture around or use kids toys to great barriers to get around or things to jump over.  Outside use lawn furniture or outside toys.  If you have a playground set you can use it as an obstacle course. Example: Make them swing three times then use monkey bars then go down slide twice etc.
  3. Take a walk and play I spy: Kids will notice things in their neighborhood they have never noticed before.
  4. Go for a bike ride: This is a fun activity for the whole family. Kids don’t know how to ride a bike, teach them
  5. Go on a scavenger hunt: Make a list of items around the house,outside or both. Send the kids off to find them.  Remember the longer the list the long it will take them to finish.
  6. Have kids write a story and draw a picture:  Need topic ideas check out some writing topics on this site.
  7. Clean up time: If kids are bored give them some chores to complete such as cleaning their room, dusting, sweeping etc.
  8. Put on a show: Kids love to impress their parents.  Tell them to practice a routine (dance, singing, comedy, acting, magic, etc…) and give you a show. This will surely keep them busy.
  9. Make blanket, couch tents: This is an oldie but goodie.  Use blankets and couch cushions to create tents, see what kind of fortress they can build.
  10. Get artistic: Have kids make some arts and crafts.  Check out some craft projects on this site.
  11. Dance: Put some music on and let the kids rock out.
  12. Outside chalk: Kids love playing with outside chalk.  You can draw them an outside obstacle course with chalk on driveway or blacktop.  Draw mountains with bridges, water, trees have them pretend to swim, climb and maneuver across obstacle course.
  13. Roller Skating or Ice Skating:  Outside your home or visit a rink roller and ice skating is a fun activity for the whole family.
  14. Cloud Watching: Lay on the grass and look up at the sky see how many cloud objects you can name.
  15. Volunteer: This is for older children (teens) have them volunteer at a local hospital, retirement center or community center. Not only will this keeps kids busy but it will keep them active in their community, appreciate what they have and may even be able to get extra credit in school.
  16. Computer Search: Kids enjoy being on the internet give them a topic that interests them such as a specific animal, country etc… and have them search the web and report back to you what they found. Make sure you monitor kids while on internet to be sure they are not going on unsafe sites.
  17. Have a lemonade or juice stand: Kids will enjoy serving drinks and will learn about making money.
  18. Kids garage sale:  Let kids go through their old toys and let them have their own sale.
  19. Donate: Don’t want to have a garage sale.  Have kids go through their old clothes and toys, search the internet for a local charity and bring them their old belongings. This will also help teach kids how fortunate they are to have nice toys and clothes.
  20. Make a movie: Have kids make a movie using the video function on a smartphone, ipad or ipod.  When the movie is complete so it to the family.
  21. Go to the library:  Pick out some books and movies.  Many libraries also have free activity programs for the whole family.
  22. Make a collage: Use a piece of oaktag or cut a piece of a cardboard box.  Use magazines, newspapers and photographs decorate.  First paint, color or use markers to decorate then add pictures.  Also check out the all about me collage in the self esteem section on this site.
  23. Pretend Play:  Have kids use their imagination.  Ask your child to pretend they were a princess and in charge of a castle or a superhero that has to save the city.
  24. Play cards: Teach your child to play goldfish, war, slapjack, rummy, crazy eights etc…
  25. Backyard bird watching: Sit outside and check out different birds that fly through your yard. Want to get a closer look have kids use binoculars. Want to know more take out a bird book from your local library. Added fun made a bird feeder and hang it in your yard.
  26. Puzzle time:  Puzzles are fun and challenging.  Make sure puzzles are age appropriate. If their too hard kids will likely get frustrated and give up.
  27. Play games: Play a board game, have a family game night and check out the games section on this site.
  28. Read: Read, read and read some more.  Kids should have quiet reading time everyday.  Reading is the one of the most important things you can do for your child’s education.
  29. Start a hobby:  Find out what interests your child and work on it.
  30. Play outside:  Many kids spend a lot of time in the house watching t.v and on the computer.  If it’s a nice day tell them to use their imagination and play outside.