I love you because classroom Valentine's Day Craft

I Love Being Your Teacher Because… Valentine’s Day Self Esteem Activity

Self-Esteem is how one views themselves. Having self-esteem means that you mostly feel good about yourself and proud of things that you can do. This Valentine’s Day self-esteem activity for kids is perfect for the classroom or something you can do with your kids at home.

As parents and educators, we are always thing of new and positive ways to lift a child’s self-esteem.

This self-esteem activity has Valentine’s Day twist which is perfect for this upcoming holiday. It can be done in the classroom or at home with some minor changes.

This activity requires a small daily commitment that starts on February 1st and runs through Valentine’s Day February 14th or you can do it for the entire month. I will list both versions of the activity in this article.

I Love Being Your Teacher Because…

Teachers play an important role in a child’s life. Children look up to their teachers and want them to be proud of them.

You can boost your student’s self-esteem with this Valentine’s Day self-esteem activity. I believe this activity works best with elementary school students.

Starting on February 1st leave a heart on each of your student’s desks saying I love being your because or I am proud to be your teacher because and write one thing specific to that student on why you love or are proud to be their teacher.

Leave the heart on their desk in the morning before they come in. Repeat this every day until Valentine’s Day or you can do it for the entire month.


I love being your teacher because…


I am proud to be your teacher because…


You are special because…

I was taught don’t compare the sun to the moon, they both shine when it is their time. Sometimes just noticing the smallest accomplishments can go a long way for a young child. When thinking about what to write for each individual student, remember and write about those small things.

You are kind.
You are a good friend.
You have been reading every night.
You have been practicing your math facts.
You have been trying your best.
You keep your desk clean.
You are a role model.
You have been raising your hand.
You are a great listener.
You use kind words.
You studied for your test.
You completed your reading log.
You are a great help.
You make me laugh.
You learned…
You practiced…
You made a good choice when…
You give good details in your stories.
You are good at…
You stayed in your seat

I Love You Because…

Every day is a new day to let your children know how much you love them and appreciate them. This Valentine’s Day self-esteem activity is the perfect way to let your children know how much you care.

Every morning before your child wakes up take a heart to their bedroom door with a message about why you love them. You can start the message by saying I love you because… or You are special because…


You are kind 
You make me laugh 
You are smart 
You are great at… (fill in with what your child is good at i.e dance, sport, music, cook/bake, or other talents) 
You help me take care of your brother/sister 
You make me happy 
You brighten up my day 
You bring out the sunshine 
You always try your best 
You help me… (name something your child helps you with) 
You are a great listener 
You are beautiful/handsome 
You for being brave 
You are amazing at…