How soil reacts with water experiment

Looking for a simple school Science project for young children?In this experiment children will find out how different types of soil react when water is added.  Children will be able to find out answers to questions  such as: Does the water drain from all the different types of soils? How fast does it drain? How long does it take for the soil to dry? Do the soils react the same way if you use hot water?

Materials: 3 or more types of soil/dirt (garden soil, potting soil, compost or sand), Water, 1 plastic cup for each soil type, marker

Step 1: Place all plastic cups on the table.

Step 2: Add an equal amount of each soil/dirt to each cup.  Use a marker to write which type of soil is in each cup.

Step 3: Pour an equal amount of water into each cup at the same time. 2 people are needed to make sure the water is poured at the same time.

Step 4: Watch what happens  for a couple of minutes and record the results. Did the water drain through all the soils? In which cup of soil did the water drain the fastest? Was there any water left on top of the soil?